Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally another update...

Well I figure it is about time I write something on here! It has been forever! So alot has gone by since I last wrote. We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a little family. Tuan's turkey and ham turned out wonderful! We invited 2 guys he works with over. One is German and other is Czech. They were too funny. They are in the pictures below! Briahna has growing and learning more and more as usual! Hope she continues to be the smartest baby ever!

Thta is the little bouncer/ball thing Tuan got for Briahna for christmas! She loves it! We are still on the hunt for a kitchen for her! But Tuan is scrooge sometimes so yea, its a bummer ha!

Again, i could not get the pictures to turn the right way! Oh well i guess! I am looking for a new job as a secretary or something along those lines in the hospital. it takes forever, that is for sure! I have been working alot still, but have 2 days off a week which is nice. I am still doing to my fitness class and going to the gym a couple times a week, my instructor told me i need to go 5 times a week to see any change! That is crazy but i am willing to do it! :D I am still taking classes but will be one today after I take my test.
I am so missing home right now, esp during the holidays! It will be my first christmas away from MN! Hopefully I can manage! I sent out christmas cards, if you didn't get one, it means you didn't reply with your address! But don't worry, there is still more so sene me your address! :D Thanks to those who sent us packages in the mail! we love getting them! Um that is all for now, will write something better and more exciting later! Miss and love u! happy holidays!

Friday, November 21, 2008 shop some more!

So I love shopping!! Who knew huh! I did some Christmas shopping today after work, yay! Can't wait to send them out! :D We also took our own Christmas picture for our Christmas cards, hopefully they come soon! I still need to finish a few things but for the most part, I am almost done!

The last few days/weeks have been quite busy in the Nguyen house! As usual, I am working like a monster, but finally get 2 days off a week and some shorter day shifts. My tips have paid for all my Christmas shopping which is nice! All the rest is going towards our big trip home in March! We are soooo excited!

Anyways, this week we went to a going away party for one of Tuan's coworkers. It was hosted by Germans. It was in a TINY room, and it was filled with all the NATO drivers. They eat raw meat and stinky cheese! ha! Briahna enjoyed it more than I did. Tuan's friends are pretty funny. The one's he talks to are German, Czech, and Norwegion. It is pretty cool to meet people from all over! Next week a few are coming over for Thanksgiving! Tuan is excited to cook a big dinner! Ill help him out...a little :D! What are everyone else's plans? Im sad we can't be there though!

I have one more test for school and I will be done for the semester! And one more class until I graduate with my AAS. It isn't much but it is finally something! I still don't know what to do for my next degree! Hm. I dunno what else to talk about. Nothing to exciting! Oh yea, if you read this, please comment me or e-mail me your address!! Christmas cards are coming!

Briahna is doing wonderfu! She is growing and learning more and more! We bought her a toy slide, she loves it! She is acting like a little mommy. She carries her baby around and covers it, and puts it to nap! I don't know how she learned that, as I never really showed her! She is crawling on everything! Ihave to put all the chairs away and make sure gates are up..otherwise she is on top of the table, couch, or up stairs! :D But i love her! She is learning all of her body partsand saying more and more words! She understands most things in both english and vietnamese. I am learning a lot as well!

Well that is all for now, hope to get on here next week again! Miss and love all of you! Hope you all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm baaaacckkkk!!

(this picture is downtown K-town, that ball behind me spins in water. It was pretty cool)

Sorry Sorry Sorry I haven't blogged in forever! I have been a working woman! I am still working 6 nights a week at least!! I love working, but it can get to be too much!! So what has been going on the past few weeks...lets see here...

Tuan, Briahna, and I all were sick for about 4 days straight 2 weeks ago. We are thinking food poison maybe! Briahna still has been sick. I feel so bad for her, and everyone I ask, even the doctors, say that nothing is wrong and to "wait" it out.. for real?! My poor baby can't be sick all the time! She is still miss busy, just not as fast lately!

We took her out for Halloween! she was a little giraff! And the cutest baby out that night. We went a few blocks from our house to where all the British people live. They go ALL out! It was a good time though. (Look at the Pictures). Tuan dressed up as a mexican or something along those lines. It was too funny! Briahna got to pick out her candy, and seriously, she went for the healthy stuff ha!

I have been going to my fitness class on M and W. It is like 30 mins straight of hard core boot camp! I love it though! And Briahna can join me! It is wonderful ha!
I am getting along well with my chili's people. They are fun to hang out with! I have gone to a few German bars. Nothing special, they are tiny and crowded and smoking is allowed in some. Hella stinky! :D I am slowly but surely learning German. It is confusing though! Last night some people were trying to teach me naughty things, but I wasn't really following. everything sounds the same ha!

Today is my day off, so maybe we will go for dinner or something! Or I wouldn't mind laying on the couch all day! ha! The other day I was doing laundry after Tuan had started it, as I was putting the clothes in the dryer I noticed they were covered in little white things. I was like what the heck, so I dug in the washer some mroe and hmmm what do i find? I friggen DIAPER! Seriously, ah it exploded in there and all that little gels were stuck to everything! IT was I had to super wash everything again!

Have you guys been christmas shopping yet? I am starting mine now, esp since I have to send everything home! I need to make sure it gets home in time! I am trying to find good real German gifts for everyone, and fun toys fro Briahna! Any suggestions would be wonderful! :D

Okay so I think that is good for now! I am sure nothing too exciting here! I will try to keep blogging more often! love and miss u all! Oh yea, we are coming home in March!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can you say..sleepy!!

Seriously, working like this has never made me more tired! Even when I went to basic, I was never this tired. I seriously can siton the couch and be out within 3 minutes! It is horrible! I have trouble staying awake during the day with Miss Briahna. I have to start actually leaving the house in order to stay awake! It is craZY! Below is a picture of Briahna eatin spaghetti!
I am still busy working like a mad woman! I am doing 6 nights a week with one day off. It is okay cuz stressful! I am making more friends at work so that is good! I met this Polish kid who lives here in Germany. He is soo funny cuz of his accent. He was talking about the drink "Sex on the Beach" but with his accent it came out as "Sex on the Bitch." Hillarious! I did have last Thursday off. I took Bri to a play group and met another girl there with a girl Briahna's age. And than Tuan got done early and we went to eat and look a beater car for him. We went to the Mexican Cantina! Love it! And Tuan is getting a little Honda Civic. He is soo excited ha! Below is a pic of Tuan and Bri at the MExican place!
Not to much else is new. Still chuggin along everday! Sorry i haven't called! Been busy and by the time I am done with work I am soo tired to even bother calling! I have been watching the seasons of the it and can't get enough ha! Tomorrow we both have a day off so we are hopefully going to get Tuans little beater and go shopping at H & M. It is pretty popular over here! Yay! so Excited ha! If it is nice, we will prob go to the park or something!

Oh ps. Yesterday in the town near us, a tire shop caugh on fire, it made our whole area smell like burnt rubber and excess fog! The fog here is nooo joke! Last night you couldn't see across an intersection or round-about! IT was crazY! I went out to the Martini bar after work with some co-workers !It was fun, they love to sing Karokee..its not for me so I just watch ha! But yea, thats about it! Miss everyone and hopefully we will still be able to come home soon! Love u all!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another busy week...

What can I say, time is flying! In a good and bad way! It seems that time is going by so fast, that yesterday Briahna was 2 months and today she is 15 months. I am blessed with being able to watch her grow into this tiny little being! Amazing! Today I took her to a play group at the KIdzone. She had a blast! They had climbing things and music time. She was more interested in walking/running all over the place and being like the big kids. And it was so sad, she was by her self! i think at that age, that's how they roll! And soon she is going to be one of those big kids! I love her at this age...:D a while longer won't be such a bad thing at this age!

I have been busy working at Chili's. I am getting used to things there and am making some tips! Love it! I work all weekend so hopefully I can make a good amount andwe can continue to save for a trip home! I am sad to think thatwe probably won't be able to afford to come home over Christmas. Maybe one of us, but definatly not both Tuan and I. It is almost $3000 for just 2 seats, meaning Bri would be on our laps. And we can't afford that at the moment! But maybe after the holiday rush. We will see!

I went out the other night with a friend. We went bowling! ha. It was nice to get out away from the house and the husbands/kid for a while. We just hung out and had a few drinks...okay well i did but still! Hopefully we'll be able to do that more often. And maybe Tuan and I will be able to also! He is enjoying work and is going to be very busy with work this month. He is leaving Nov12-Dec 12 for some training. It will be a bummer that he will be gone for Thanksgiving! But as long as he will be home for Christmas, it will be okay!

Well that is all for now I guess...Thanks everyone for the birthday cards I have got in the mail. Love getting snail mail! :D I miss all of you andhope to seeyou soon! Take care and please call if you want, justmessage me if you want my number. It is a state number so no extra charges or anything!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can you say BUSY!

Well I tried to flip this picture again and for some reason I can never get them to flip! But I love this picture! Briahna looks like she is ready for school ha!
This is Tuan and his new car! He is in love all over again...with the car that is!

Well I seem to have forgotten what it feels like to be busy! I finally started working at Chili's as a server. So far, I love it! But I am sure that will change as time goes on! ha! Tonight will be my 3rd night! I am still considered a Trainee but soon will be on my own! Anyways, back to being that I am working, it seems there is just not enough time in the day! Yesterday (Monday) I had a MOPS meeting, phone calls, and a plethra of school work, and than actual work! I started my day out at 8a and got home and was sleeping after mid-night! That used to be my schedule before I became a mom, but this old girl can't do that anymore! Let's just say I got up this morning to the doorbell and went straight back to sleep..well for a few mins anyways! I was so tired my eyes actually hurt ha! But it was all good. We finally go our new stove and dishwasher! No more hand washing! You have no idea how happy we were to get it! It makes our kitchen look a little more fancy ha!

Well I can officially drive a stick shift without hardly any trouble! I was so proud driving to work yesterday, and I drove in the dark for my first time in Germany. It is difficult because there are no no no street lights! But I made it! Well I can't think of much else...I can't believe it is almost October already! We are still hoping to come home for Chrstmas, just working on coming up with the funds! Hope all is well with everyone! Miss you all! :D Much love!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A day of dino-mite!

Here is Tuan and Briahna with the GIANT dinosaur! I hope to upload all of the pictures to snapfish and get a group code so you can all check them out! But that is for another time when I am up to it ha! Below is a gorgeous flower. It was probably the size of my head! Ha! It was huge but ah I wanted to keep one!

Today was our first official day of some sort of German site seeing! It was nothing special, just a trip to the Gartenshau Kaiserslautern. Really all it is, is a park with giant dinosaur statues and flower gardens. It was nice to see something new for a change. Briahna loved the stoller ride but was terrified of the dinosaurs! She cried when she touched one or was left near one! So sad but a good day anyways.
Not much is new in our world. I went shopping the other day! ONLINE...that is the best I can do since everything is so expensive here. I did however get free shipping or at least 15% off on everyting so that was nice. Hopefully I will get most of it by the weekend! I can't wait to have new clothes! :D Our house if finally looking better! Just a few things laying around here and there yet just waitin to find a place to be. Tuan is upstairs putting his clothes away, who knew he would have MORE MORE ANDMORE clothes than me! It really isc razy! He even has more shoes than I do! But don't worry, I bought some new ones to add to my collection! Ha! I went to a mini wine festival today and tasted a few wines. Moscoto is truly my favorite, thanks to my mom! Love that stuff! Haven't bought any tho cuz I have no reason to be drinking it!

Tuan and I took Bri to the park the other day, she loves it! She seems so brave climbing all over the place! She even goes down the slides by herself! But someones I like to hop on a few times too! One thing she hates is the swing! She won't ever sit in it! But as long as she is running around and exploring, that's all okay with mom! She is saying new words now other than kitty and doggy and puppy! Everyone and everything is daddy lately! And she repeats "Thank you" but it sounds more like "teeetchoo" haha.. its too cute tho! and She likes to say "no mo" I don't think she really is saying no more but its funny anyways! She just amazes me everyday!

Well that is all for now! I miss everyone and hope all is well back in the states! I can't wait to come home and praying to be home over Christmas with all of you! Take care and love all of u!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Another day with no pictures..Sorry!

Well my weekend is over! Thank goodness! Nothing wrong with it, but I am just looking forward to the week. Tomorrow I have my first MOPS meeting! I am excited to meet some new moms! Hopefully some my age! I also have an appointment for my last bits of paperwork, before I can finally start working. I love spending time at home with Briahna, but I can see that sometimes it's not becomming a good habit. She is getting very clingy. Because when she cries, I am always right there. I sit on the floor to watch tv. I put off doing anything until she is sleeping or daddy is home. And when he is home, it is still a battle, getting her to be by her self or with daddy. She does play by her self when it is just daddy. But with me, she is ALWAYS by me. And I want/need her to be a little less clingy (only a lil tho :D) ! Just for a little peace of mind. I hardly ever get a moment to myself, UNLESS it is the shower. And that is one in a million! When I do get time to myself during her naps, it is spend cleaning up, or doing school work! Hopefully, we will get our car thisweek so I can go to the gym or just out for a while! For all those who stay at home, I give you props! Like I said, I love being homeand love Miss Briahna, but like anyone, I need time to myself just once in a while!!

But other than that, all is going well. Tuan has been working all week. He seems to enjoy it and he seems to be in a good mood when he comes home. I think he enjoys his work! :D Which is a good sign. Briahna is always wonderful. She is officially off the bottle and goes to sleep within 5-10 mins of laying down! She brushes her teeth, washes her hands, and helps dress/undress herself! She is growing up soo fast! Love her!

But I guess that is about it! Miss everyone! Hope to talk to u guys soon! Take carE!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Birthday...come...and gone...

Well, I am another year oldeR! Who knew I would be 22, married with child, and living across the world! I sure didn't! But am blessed with everything I have! I spent most of my birthday at home during the day, doing hardly anything! Tuan got the afternoon off, so we went onto base to the BXand such. Got some new make-up to make my face look a bit better! It has gotten horrible since we got here. We came back to the house and than went to eat in Landstuhl. We went to this yummy Asian place and than to an ice cream shop! De-lish! I will post pics when I get them uploaded. Briahna likes to push buttons and pushed my power button a bunch of times and my comptuer crashed today! We spent the whole afternoon backing up all my files and praying I didn't lose my pictures. As of right now, i still can't get them back from the back up disk! So we will see..

I am getting closer to getting my job. Still filling out crazy paper work. They want all the details of my life! its insane! But at least i will be working. I also joined the MOPS group. Mothers of Preeschoolers. It starts Monday, so that should be fun! We should be getting our car this week too. It is taking forever, and making me stay in the house longer! ha! so stressful sometimes! my schooling is going well, but now I have to re-do everything I had already done! But oh well, easy stuff! Well Thats all for now! love and miss everyone! hope to call soon!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Settled down...a little...

I am still alive... We have been sooo busy the last few weeks! We finally got our things from the states. A week later than they said. But it's all good! Slowly we are getting everything unpacked and organized. Our living room is pretty much done as well as the kitchen. The dining room table is packed full of things with no places. And our room is packed with at least 10 more boxes! Briahna's room is farely clean and done, just need to put all her clothes away. The movers broke her very expensive changing table, so we will be waiting for a new one eventually. I was pretty mad because it was broke on purpose. You can tell they snapped itin half to get it to fit in the packing box. Ah! But we are sure glad to have our things!

The picture of Briahna (Granny Bri) was yesterday (Aug. 30). I tried 3 times to get it to flip and keeps uploading it sideways. She loves carrying purses!

^This is Briahna's cardboard house we made from left over boxes!! Ah she loves it, exept its breaking by the window. As tuan says, we have plenty of timber from the rest of our boxes!

Well sadly, our little Huyndai went to the garbage. The transmission went out after only 2 weeks of having! Some crooks sold it to us!
So we are in the process of getting a new car! Yay! Ill post a pic later and suprise ya! ha!

The stinky German deoderant--->

I got a job!!!! Im going to wait tables at Chillis! Ya! I was offered a few other jobs but this one paid the most plus Tips.. so I HAD to take this one..who wouldn't!

I am still hoping to get a better job for what I am actually going to school for. Speaking of that, I am takin an online class this semester and will take onemore next semester and graduate. Than hopefully start up again in the fall of 09 for Health Administration! But we will see how that goes.

Well what else can i say? We went out to eat at this suuper good mexican place last night. But it was soo expensive! (cuz the dollar is so weak on the dollar) But it was nice to get out! Well i hope every one is doing well! miss all of you! have a good Labor day weekend!

Oh p.S. She hasn't had a bottle for 3 days... it is going well but still cries! Any ideas on how to get her to nap without a bottle or something?!

I was tagged...

If you are tagged, you must firstly post the rules:
* Write 7 strange characteristics about yourself. That interest us all!
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So here are my seven strange characteristics:
1. I actuallly really like to
2. I love to baby Briahna...even though I shouldn't
3. I love love love to paint...but am not that great!
4. My name has no "E".... never has, and never stop putting an E in it! ha!
5. I am secretly addicted to Black comedy...kinda funny!
6. I really enjoy going to work and keepy busy, even though I seem to be SOOO lazy!
7. I am a fan of Mexican food, the Lakers, juice, HIppos (German Candy which I will send everyone cuz they are the best!) and so much more...

Now I will have to tag 6 more of you unsuspecting bloggers, so here goes.

Okay since I don't know many people with blogs, I will take Jaime and Kayla again (even though you don't have to do it again) And all the readers of my blog..Alyssa I know you blog sometimes so you are tagged as well!! And if anyone else has a blog...uh hum..let me know! And now Ill post a new blog with some pictures and good news!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well I finally put a few pictures on here!

These first 2 pictures are of our hotel when we first got here. And the second is the house we stayed in, until we got our own house. But we only got the basement of this house!

We have still been adjusting to Germany. We got some more house-hold things, like our fridge and washer & dryer. The rest of our household things will be here on Friday! I am soo excited to sleep in my own bed! We have been sleeping on an air bed. Yea, not comfortable! We still need to get a large room rug for our floor. Everything is tile here, and not soft if Bri hits her head!!

Today, I had my first doctor appointment today! Just for my face. The climate here is doing crazy things to my face! But it is all ood. A friend gave us a ride to the appointment, than invited us to the MOPS (mother of pre-schoolers) picninc at the park. Briahna had a blast! She taught herself to go down the slide (on her tummy of course) But it was too cute! We came back and took a LONG nap to catch up on some ZZZ's. I am going to take my driver's test this week too. (I was too tired to go last week! ha)

Well I hope everything is going well with everyone! Miss all of you! Hope to put some more exciting news up soon! Or at least some new pictures!

Here are 2 pictures of Briahna, being her busy silly self! Love her! I will try to get more up soon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We are STILL alive...

Sorry it has been soo long since I posted anything! We finally moved into our house and got internet! I am glad to be in our house! We are still waiting to get most of our things from our other house! They should be here the 22nd!

We haven't done too much exciting since we have been here. Mostly been settling in. Tuan got his German liscence and we got a car. I take my test tomorrow! So hope to pass that one! We went out last weekend to Chili's to celebrate him passing his test. It was good. Something new and a way to get out of the house. I have been trying to get to the gym a couple times a week and go on walks. We live in a small village off post. There are alot of shops and things here. Hopefully this weekend, we will get a chance to go explore! We went a tour 2 weeks ago. We learned how to ride the trains here and to order at German restaruants. It was fun, but the Euro rate makes it NOT fun!

I need to get a new battery for my camera, once I do that, I will take more pictures!! And post some new ones!

Briahna is adjusting well. She is doing better on the bottle. Now it's only water in there and she is drinkin from sippys much better. Except at night...Usually needs a bottle to sleep! She is also growing some back teeth and seems to be in alot of pain lately! So sad! But otherthan that, she is wonderful! She enjoys playing with all her toys, and all of ours! ha!

Hope everyone is doing well. Will post more intersting things soon! Love and Miss everyonE!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Good, Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day...

This is a picture of Bri with Grandpa John's new kicks we bought him! She loves shoes!! (Just like mommy and daddy)
Today has just been one of those days! Everything was crummy from the get-go. I am starting to really miss the family and friends! I need a phone call soon! I may just go nuts being cooooked up in this tiny house! Hopefully, I will get a chance to get out soon! I am applying for a job as a bank teller, wish me luck! I must start somewhere! Other than my crummy day, everything else is moving forward. We are getting more and more things accomplished that need to be done before Tuan can start working.

Briahna is doing alright. She really hates going to sleep lately! And I am trying to get her off her bottle. Today was something else with that. She was very fussy without her usual bottles. I tried to give her the same amount of drink at the same time as usual with a sippy and sometimes it just wasn't working for her! but I will keep trying! Hopefully it will get better!

We finally got our address. Comment me or e-mail me if you would like it! I hope all is well with everyone! Miss you lots! Take care and enjoy your summer!

Friday, July 18, 2008


That means EXIT... my first German word and I can read and understand!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I will keep updating them on and off.

We are still in our temp house but should be moving into our house on Tuesday! We have had an uneventful week. I have never watched so many movies in a weeks time! But I enjoy my lazy time! Briahna is keeping busy! She loves when we go out and she gets the freedom to run around! The house is a bit small for her! But our house we got is much bigger. It is similar to our CA house. It has 3 floors, basement with 3 rooms, mainfloor with living/dining room full bath and kitchin, upstairs has full bath and 3 rooms. So it is perfect! i will get pictures up soon!

This post is a bit unfriendly towards families. They don't let children in the gyms...even if just to watch! They made me leave while Tuan was playing ball. We had to stay outside for an hour before I finally went in and stuck it to the man! It was cool and rainy...But they told me to leave again but I told them NO...and they left me alone!

We should get our mailbox and phone by next week, so I will have to give that out as well...just comment me or e-mail me if you would like that info! Well off to bed, its almost midnight! love and miss everyone!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another daY of unknowN evenTs...

I have now been in Germany for 4 days. It seems so short but feels so long! We finally have temporary housing. It is like a small one bedroom basement apartment. But it is very nice and it is all furnished with everything. We will be here for at least a week until we decide on what house we want to rent. I looked at one today which was really nice, but we still have 3 more too look at. We have to live in the economy due to lack ofmilitary housing for a while. It will be something new and different! The only stink thing about that is we have to pay everything upfront, where as the army pays if we live in military housing. But it is still exciting!

We have just been hanging out and tryin to adjust to the time difference still. It takes a while! I know I have asked everyone before but could you all e-mail me your address and phone numbers again!

Hope all is well and miss everyone! Oh and if you ever want to come visit... PLEASE do!! Free place to stay at our house (once we get it)!

I tried to get pics on here again but didn't work!! ill try again later!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm in Germany...

Well we made it safe and sound to Germany!! We had a great time in MN visiting with family. We got to ride go kartS (which my dad won) and horseback riding (which made me sore) and hang with the fam!! I wil def miss the states but am ready for this new adventure!

As of right now, we have been here about a day... Its about 8 am Wednesday morning... and we are staying in the hotel. The people have been pretty friendly so far and are helping us a bit. Our luggage didn't make it here with us, so we are hoping it will come in the next week or so. And we are also hoping to get housing soon too cuz i hate livin in a hotel! But its all good... Hopefully today we can go buy come clothes! Im runnin outta clean clothes! and everyone knows i hate being dirtY! ha... I will keep in touch through this and e-mail and such... but im about to go take care of bri... Love all and miss u!

ps (this website is in German so it won't let me add a photo!) ill try again later!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Briahna!!

Well today is Briahna's birthday. She is 1! I can't believe it has been a year already since she was born. Aw she is just wonderful. We didn't really do anything special today, since we are currently in the middle of moving. We have been staying at a friends place since we don't have our house anymore. But yea he made Bri a cake! It was too cute. We also got her a small toy that it able to travel with us (its an an elephant thing with shapes) and a few books. And we also have a few more for her real birthday party in MN.

Well we are homeless until July 8 when we arrive in Germany!!! We cleared our house today and are finally leaving Fort Irwin tomorrow! We will probably head to the OC for a few days and on Friday, we are going to Arizona to visit Tuan's family. Than on Sunday evening, flying to Mn to visit my family for a week. We'll be having Bri's real party there. I am exciting!!

We have all been a bit stressed this past week. moving sure takes alot outta us! Even Bri has been extra fussy since she has been out of her normal routine! But she is still busy and happy!!

Um anything else?? I can't think of much. I applied for a few medical secretary jobs at the Landstuhl Hospital in Germany. I am waiting on a response from them. I am one of the final candidates for one of the jobs and am still waiting for them to make their decision. If I get it, that would be pretty exciting!! :D So yea... thats all here! We'l keep everyone updated with more info as to where we are and addresses and phone numbers and such.. It is still the same now but in Germany, we wil have to get new phones and such so yea.. just keep checkin in! Miss u! see ya all soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Almost Time To Move....

So Its been a while since I wrote....

Last weekend Tuan, Briahna, and I went down to Orange Co. to hang out. We of course had to get some crawfish! Tuan and I went to the beach for a few hours and got BURNT! But it was a fun relaxing time...We went to Marshals and got Bri her birthday gifts...We also went to see the movie "You don't mess with Zohan" It was okay.. not the best Adam Sandler movie. On Sunday, we went to eat for Father's day at a Vietnamese restaraunt and went to the Asian mall and bought Briahna a gold necklace with a "B" charm on it for her birthday. It is pretty cute! Ill post a picture later. We got back in time to watch the Lakers kick some celtics butt. But sadly, the Celtics won on Tuesday and are the NBA champs.. MAybe next time LAkers!

This week we have been gettin ready to move and pack up all our stuff. The movers come tomorrow (Thursday) so we won't have much left after that. We are leaving next week to go to AZ for a few days than to MN for a week.. than off to Germany!!

Today we took Bri to the pool for the first time. I think Tuan and I had more fun than she did. We got her a little floating crab for her to play in but she didn't seem to thrilled! When we were gettin ready to go she was havin more fun playin with some toys and floating beach balls. Maybe if we go this weekend she will enjoy it!

Nothin else too exciting! Bri will be 1 on the 24th! so that will be exciting! She has grown so fast AH!! hopefully when you see her, she will be talkin a lil more and show you that she can say "hi" and wave...

See you all soon...gotta go pack!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

16 days til MN...

Well, it's been a while since I have written anything! Nothing too exciting this week. I basically finished up school work and got ready for our yard sale we had today. We made a decent amount but only had a few stoppers... If tuan's car doesn't get fixed tonight (brakes are mega bad!)...than we will try again with the yard sale tomorrow! I wanna get rid of EVERYTHING! We had a lot of good stuff out there butpeople just kept drivin by! So maybe if we do it on Saturday, we will have better luck! Hopefully too we can finally make it out to the OC this weekend. I really want to go to the ocean and see tuans mom and go eat CRAW FISH!! Its been almost a month since I had that! AH! i love it! Hmm.. what else is new? I don't really have anything special for fathers day for Tuan. But I don't know what to get him! He is very picky!! But hopefully I can take him out for Dad's day or something!

Briahna is being busy as usual! She is at her last day of day care today! all of the workers are sad to see her go! It was good to have a nice place to go, since it was so hard leaving Diane's. But all is good!

Well thats all for now i guess... oh yea... GO LAKERS!! see u all soon! love and miss!!

Monday, June 9, 2008 productive...

So I just wanted to let you all know that I have been blessed by the lightning bolt! I have been so full of energy lately, it's quite new to me! Today I cleaned my whole downstairs and bedroom. And they were quite dirty I may add. But I did it and now it looks wonderful! I also got all of Bri's birthday invites done and ready to drop in the mail today! (Everyone should know how slow I am at getting invites and thank you's out!) I also have been workin on major school work! So many tests and so much research to do! But I am almost done! About 2 more days and I should be complete!

We are having our first yard sale this weekend.. Tuan is SO excited!! Weird huh... But hopefully we can sell everything, I really don't want to bring any of that stuff with to Germany! But we'll see!

We went to Barstow yesterday. We went to Tanger, which is an outlet mall. First of all, what kind of outlet mall has Michael Kors?? I walked in and nothing in that store was under $300! No lie! I was like WOW...leaving now! And Second, all we could think was "how rude!" Some people were so rude, it was amazing!! Definately no Minnesota Nice out here! But other than that, we had a good time getting away from post and eating at In&Out Burger... AH i love that place!!

Well soon we will be in MN again and on our way to Germany! See everyone soon! Enjoy your summer!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A trip to good ol' Minne!

Here are a few pictures from Minnesota!! We had a good time seeing friends and family! Bri's first thing was to crawl in the toy box AS SOON as we got to my parents house. She also had a lil birthday with Diane. She got Mickey and Minne Mouse. My dad and I took her to Lego Land in the MOA... she liked it but I didn't cuz it was so dirty! She also played in the grass for the first time! The picture of my friends and I is at Kayla's bar. $1.50 for a mug of beer... can't beat it! Ha! well I enjoyed my time out there! And can't wait to go back soon!

Friday, May 30, 2008

I was taggeD....

1. Ten Years Ago...
i was 11... being a kid i guess?

2. 5 Things in todays 'To Do List'
clean, school work, play with bri, laundry, and more cleaning!

3. Snacks I enjoy:
hMm... bagelfuls, cookies, chocolate, juicE!

4. Things I would do If I was a Millionaire
pay the billS, travel, and take care of the parents!

5. Places I have Lived
LitchfielD, WillmaR, and Fort Irwin, CA!!!!

I don't know anyone else with a blog who hasn't been tagged to do this.. so anyone can!

I'm back!!!

Well I feel like it has been forever since I left a blog! I'll put a little in about my trip to Minnesota! It was a blast, thats for sure!

I was able to see people I actually know! We had a little get togther at my parents with the family. It was pretty fun! I also spent time hangin out with a bunch of my girls from school and finishing up on school work! (Which I am still doing by the way!) I have to be finished by July 15.

So... Since I have been back... I got into a new routine! I get up right away in the morn and don't putz around! I stay busy all day long which is an improvement but it was what I did in MN.

Tuan and I only have a month left until we are out of this crappy place! Than it is off to Germany! I was lookin it up and it seems wonderful so far! I am ready to leave this hot dry place. And Im definately ready to leave the NASTY scorpians behind! They raided out garage, GROSS!!

This weekend we plan on going through more of our stuff to see what we need and don't need. Than get ready for our little yard sale comin up. Its about time I get rid of all those clothes I don't EVER wear!

Oh yea.. BEST NEWS... Bri is finally walking up a storm! She is growing and changing soo fast!!! Ah its amazing! Well I am missin all my family and friends in MN! Miss u and see in a month!

Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Weekend...whew!!

Well what can I say, I had an eventful weekend! Bri decided to get sick this past week...really sick! She was so droopy wed-sat... So on Saturday I couldn't take the fussy crying baby anymore. I needed to get a peace of mind and know what was wrong with her. Well we got to the ER and waited and they didn't say too much but that she was dehydrated so she was on an IV for about 6 hours getting fluids in. They took a few tests and nothing was too serious. Basically they said she has a bacterial infection in her lungs... which pretty much can be anything. But they gave her some good meds and she is getting better! She is finally smiling and playing around! After that, we went down to the OC to see Tuans mom. Then it was my turn to get sick after our craw fish!! well lets just say i won't be eatin crawfish for a while! Sunday, for Mother's Day, we took Tuans mom out to an Asian seafood buffet... again i probably won't be eating that again for a while either. Tuan and I went shopping and got a few things for my trip to MN. Than we bounced back home and were pooed outt!

Well ill be in MN on Wednesday! I'm SOOOOOo excited!! AH! i cant wait to see the fam and friends! AH! well if i don't post anything before I leave... I'll probably talk to you anyways! see everyone soon!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Day...Revised Post!!

It's finally Wednesday! For some reason this week has gone by so slow! :D Bri is taking more and more steps everyday... I think she'll be pretty much walking in the next few weeks... i hope! Its so fun watching her grow and change everyday! Not too much else is new with me. Im getting super excited to come home next week! My goal today was to clean my house from top to bottom.. I pretty much cleaned everything!! But once Tuan gets home, I'll be able to finish!! Yesterday was the first time we had a sitter watch Bri. It was nice to not have to watch her... but I'd rather be home with her. It's never the same when someone else does things.. And they cleaned my kitchen! I'm not sure if I like that or not! HA!

My friend and I cooked dinner again for the guys. We made spaghetti and cheese bread!! It was pretty good... but yea! Ah i cant wait to get to MN!! Only a week left! Keep some time open for Bri and I! We cant wait to see all of u!

Ya know, whenever I think about what I want to blog about next, it always sounds so good. But once I actually blog, it really isn't that good or interesting! So I'll let you go and I'll write more when somethin exciting happens! Love u all and miss u! see my minne's later!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Briahna playing with her car from Krissy. These were taken April 28. She is 10 months already! Time has gone by so fast!

So I woke up around 8:30a this morning...I did my usual morning routine... Bri watching Mickey, I ate cereal and played with Bri. Well she started crawling towards the door and I noticed the shoes were still out. She likes to bite them, so I had to put them away. But before I got to that, I saw this HUGE brown thing move a little. Well, if you know me, you know I HATE bugs. So I ran away fast.. I got a towel and managed to kill the thing... It was nasty looking so I decided to look it up on the net... Turns out it was a sun spider, also known as a sun scorpian. I have never seen such nasty bugs as I have since I have been here. AH! That totally ruined my daY!

Other than that, Everything is going pretty good here! Bri is keeping me busy with her every move! She finally got rid of her cold.. but gave it to me on the way! The other day she decided to help me with the laundry again.. she loves to take everything out of the basket and give it to me.. and than she likes to push over the folded piles of clothes. This time she was crawling in and out of the basket.. she is in the crawling into and onto things stage lately! The other day she was standing on top of a box just chillin.. not doing anything.. just standing! But she is wonderful!

We will be in Minne in about 11 days! Can't Wait!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I Can Cook!!!

So.. since I moved to Cali and became a wife... I rarely cook. But tonight I proved Tuan that I really can cook! My friend and I cooked for her husband Eric and Tuan. We made lemon chicken stir-fry, bruschetta, and crab dip with veggies. It was DE-LISH! I was actually super proud of myself for cookinG it! We had a good time just chatting and hoping the guys would enjoy it. Bri decided she did NOT want me to cook what-so-ever... she cried and cried until I picked that little booger up! She has been under the weather with a minor respiratroy infection.. poor girl! I finally realized what staying up til wee morning hours trying to get her to sleep feels like... EXHAUSTING! I'm starting to feel it at the moment... super pooped out!

ONLY 16 DAYS TIL I'M IN MINNE!! I am soooooooo excited to see family and friends! I'm ready to see familiar faces and have a good time. Dad if you read this... I'm waiting for another car ride call! Its been a few days!

Well I guess thats about all for now... I know I am boring but just letting the world know whats up! ha! Miss all of u! See you soon!!!!!!

Oh Yea.. Here a few more pictures from the reception here in Cali.

^Alex, Kelsie, Tuan & Bri, Me, Molly, and Dan^ Pretty good picture if you ask me!

^Awww... My dad and Briahna at the reception..His pride and joy!!^
^My mom and Briahna at Hunington Beach, CA. It was Briahna's second time at the ocean!^

Sunday, April 20, 2008

As the wind blows...

So it was so windy out here in the desert, that there were warning signs on the freeway! Driving down the mnt seemed like driving up cuz it was so windy! This weekend we went down to the OC for a bit. We went and ate some craw fish again and then hit up Dave & Busters with Tuan's old HS friends. It was a good time, except that I wasn't feeling well. Sunday we went to eat some Pho, which is pretty much is vietnamese soup. It's pretty good!

So it's just about 20 some days until I am in Minne! I am soo excited!! Hopefully everyone will be around so we can get together for a good time! It's also about 2 and half months until we go to Germany!

Briahna took her first step on sunday!!! She has been trying to "walk" on her own for about a week now. Today, she finally moved a leg all on her own! Tuan, his mom, and I were all like screaming when she did that! So crazY how she is growing and learning! :D

Well it is Wednesday today! My internet has been down since Monday so I had to come to the Library to work on some school work! Everything has been going pretty good. Bri is doing her usual and being busy as always! She has been teething lately and is super fussy! Hopefully she will be feelin better soon! Well I don't have much to stay at the moment, in a rush! ha! see yA!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

*Missing Everyone At Home*

Hello! Well, it is really starting to hit me! I am missing all the family and friends!! I think as time gets closer for me to leave for Germany, the more I miss everyone! I will be home in May though so I am super excited for that.

This weekend we went down to the OC. We went and ate some craw fish and went to Dave & Busters with some friends. It was pretty fun. Tuan and I played this horse racing game and we won like 10 times.. no one wanted to play against us after a while ha! On Sunday, I spent the day layin by the pool while Tuan got the car fixed. I am still paying for that sun. I am still a bit RED! :s Briahna got to spend the night with her other grandma. She seems to like it there and being able to play with her other cousins. :D Oh yea, i also got a new swimsuit..on clearance!!

Other than that, not much else is new around here. I'm still finishing up with all my schooling and such. Bri and I take walks now and than and plays on the playground when its not too windy. She is too cute! I will post a few new pictures up soon also. Well I'm having a brain fart at the moment so I'll write later! :D have a good day!

Friday, April 11, 2008

It's Finally Friday!

Hello again! Well, it is Friday! I had a more productive day today! I got some school work done and took Bri for a nice long walk. The weather was wonderful (much better than all the snow the minnesotan's are getting). This weekend we plan on going down the hill to Orange County. I really want to go to the beach and just lay in the sun! We will probably visit Tuan's mom. She really only cares to see the baby anyways :D. And of course we will go eat some craw fish. If you haven't had it, you should try it! Its de-lish! I added a few pictures on here. I will randomly change and add new ones now and then. I still need to add some new pictures onto my computer. And I NEED to fix my camer ASAP! I miss taking thousands of pictures! :D Well, this post is kind of boring but what can I say. Ha. Briahna decided to smush bananas all over her little body! So she took a bath and then decided to splash mommy with as much water as possiblE! She is changing everyday. She is starting to understand "no," which is a good thing at the moment. But I'm sure it will catch up to me when I don't want her saying "no" to me and Tuan. Oh well, but I guess... That's enough for now. Hopefully I will have something more exciting to write next time I'm around! :D Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our Little Family

This is Tuan, Briahna, and I in Hollywood, CA. We went with my parents and a few friends. I will try to post up more pictures. But everyone knows how I am on posting and keeping in touch :D

Almost the weekend!

Hello! It is already Thursday and I haven't done anything this week. Well I did clean my house almost top to bottom! Amazing huh? Well I have been extremely ill for the past few days and have been glued to the couch! I hate being sick! Other than that, everything has been going wonderful here. Tuan was out in the field for a few days and is finally home. Briahna and I just hung out while he was gone. She is growing like you would not believe! She has 4 teeth and is about to get some more. She is going through her teething stages. I never knew she could be so fussy! But I love her to death. I love to sit and watch her play and learn. She seems so amazed with the littlest things. It is truly amazing! She, right now, is sitting and watching Mickey Mouse. She loves that show and loves the Hot Dog song. Grandpa listens to it just for her. Well I will write some more later. I am not feelin so hot at the moment. Talk later :-)