Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm in Germany...

Well we made it safe and sound to Germany!! We had a great time in MN visiting with family. We got to ride go kartS (which my dad won) and horseback riding (which made me sore) and hang with the fam!! I wil def miss the states but am ready for this new adventure!

As of right now, we have been here about a day... Its about 8 am Wednesday morning... and we are staying in the hotel. The people have been pretty friendly so far and are helping us a bit. Our luggage didn't make it here with us, so we are hoping it will come in the next week or so. And we are also hoping to get housing soon too cuz i hate livin in a hotel! But its all good... Hopefully today we can go buy come clothes! Im runnin outta clean clothes! and everyone knows i hate being dirtY! ha... I will keep in touch through this and e-mail and such... but im about to go take care of bri... Love all and miss u!

ps (this website is in German so it won't let me add a photo!) ill try again later!

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Anonymous said...

awesome! you made it! I hope I can afford to come see you sometime!! once your in a house though cause they maybe we could crash with ya! haha. but keep in touch and try to learn german so you can add more cute photos of bri! love ya lots dear!