Thursday, September 4, 2014

So it's been a while... and today is my birthday! I am seriously so blessed with some pretty amazing people who made my day so great! I love you all! :) I even got flowers, chocolate, and seafood! What could be better!

And I had an early birthday vacation to Florida! We had a blast visiting Molly! Ps she's due next week with her first baby! So excited to meet baby Lucas!

Looks like there may be a big change for me coming up, I recently received a job offer in Minneapolis, something I've always wanted. I dont want to give up that opportunity, but figuring out the logistics of it all is so hard. I would potentially have to relocate. I'm all for that, but dont know where or when or even how! Yikes! What to do?

Oh and my sweet babies, how could I forget to update on them. Bri started 2nd grade this week and loves it! She's so smart....and sassy! And my Linc is 8 months, finally went from his front crawl to his knee crawl! He's pulling himself up and feeding himself! And developing his own little personality with his giggles and growls! Oh how I love being their mom! :)

My Isagenix Journey is still going well. Probably not as good with my vacation binge, but still have positive results!

I'm off to another long army weekend, I'll have some downtime to finally blog again! Stay tuned...