Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looks like I have been MIA for a while! Sorry to the few who actually check in for updates! :) This month has been VERY chaotic! T's MIL was here for a 2 week visit, the following are pictures from her visit! We took her on a cruise on the Rhine River, one of the largest in Germany. It was very scenic! Every mile or so there was an amazing castle on the right or left up on the hills. The picture to the left is just one of the many we saw on our boat cruise. We also got to visit one of the castles, it was very beautiful. I probably had the wrong expectations when view castles, I expected to be a bit more amazed. They were still nice of couse, just not as "ooohh ahhhh" as they may seem. The weather that day was fairly decent, however, it was so much colder inside the stone-build castle than it was outside the castle.

 <-- T and B doing the Peace! This was on our boat cruise. Again, high expectations, this ended up being a small boat, looked like it was going to fall apart, and could barely hold 30 people comfortably! But still nice, the sun was warm enough for us to sit outside!

Another view of the family at the castle we visited. If you peak over the edge, it was a very long drop to the ground! A bit dangerous if you ask me, but the castle was very strong and was able to hold it's own when under attack.

 B also had her first class photo this month, this was the morning of before we went to school. I ordered the class photo, the only one where she is smiling! it's pretty cute, I will have to post it up when I get it back! B has been a busey little bee at school. She is learning so much from her teachers, and she loves the interaction she gets with the other kids! She is also potty trained to the point where she wears undies ALL day with no accidents! (Night time is another story!) 

What else can I say about Miss B? She keeps me busy as well! I am trying the whole dicipline thing, yea I think it hurts me more than her! She has been so spoiled by me, that it's hard to riegn her in! But I am trying, she cries, and than is over it! But I still feel bad ALL the time! Wish me luck!

Here is a view of one of the many vineyards in Germany. This area is known for white wines. I have also become a fan of wine tasting! I need to find a wine-tasting partner as T does NOT like it! So if anyone wants to come visit, we will be sure to do some wine tasting!

Looks like Easter is coming up this weekend! I sure do miss home around times like these! We don't have any plans really, maybe an egg hunt for B and just hang out at home. There may be some Easter Markets (festival) near by, they have hand-made goods, wines, rides for kiddies, home-cooked foods, etc. Hopefully we find something like that to keep us busy! I am hopin to make a few more trips before we head back to MN in MAY!!!!!!! SO excited to see our family and friends! It will be a nice visit and break from the stress here! :) WEll I may appear back on here again today with the rest of the month, but at the moment, I am spent and B is neeeding my attention! Love you alll!! Miss u1

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beyond Exhausted... exactly how I feel right now! T's MIL is here and is leaving on Tuesday. It's been a fun visit, but I am soo tired to enjoy it! So I am going to finish uploading all of our pictures from the last week and post a new blog on Wednesday on my day off! :) Stay tuned...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Wasting time...doing absolutely everything to avoid... work! Yes, I am currently in the middle of writing a paper. It's not going so well as you can see. It's a really easy paper to write, but I am just not in the mood! But i'll finish it soon enough.

Not too much new is going on here these days! T's mom is here for a 2 week visit! It will be nice to have a familiar face around for a bit! :D She isn't used to this cold weather so I don't think we will be traveling too much while she is here. We are planning a trip to an Easter Market in Trier and hopefully a day trip to Paris, mostly just to say we went! :) Oh and I am preparing myself to eat all sorts of Asian dishes while she is here. We did a grocery run today and yes, it was almost all asian food. It will be quite tastey though! :) B seems to enjoy having her here, but she has been acting out a bit extra the past few days, so we will see how it goes! I am hoping I didn't ruin B by spoiling her! :( That wouldn't be good.

I am still trying to find tickets to come home this summer, again, so far no luck! I NEED to get the price under 2000. I refuse to pay more than that for plane tickets! UGH!

So I have a dilemma, as you all know I work at Chili's as a server. And I am keeping this job for the extra cash. Anyways, at the end of the night, we are responsible for cleaning out tables doing out sidework (chores). Well last night I had to work, and I KNOW I did my work. I forgot to have it checked before I left, but I knew I had it done so I didn't worry too much when I got home. So about 3 hours later, 11:30pm, they decided to call me and cuss me out saying I didn't do anything before Ileft. They tried to tell me I was trying to get away with "something". Are you kidding me? Of course I appologized and yes it was my fault I didn't get checked out, but I did my work. I left 2 hours before everyone else, so that is alot of people walking by my tables and using the areas I had already cleaned. But whatever, anyways, long story short, Is that okay for them to call me that late to "just tell me". That surely could have wating until morning. And I even volunteered to come in and finish it myself. After working there over a year and half, that was probably my first time EVER having a mistake like that...and they had the nerve to tell me some stupid shit! Ugh! maybe I am over-reacting, but I wouldn't call someone at night and make them feel like shit for making a simple mistake that takes 2 minutes to fix! UGH! That's that. And T said it's okay for me to quit! So I am now working up the phone call to let them know I won't be back.

Other than that, all is going well! B is still doing well at using the potty! I got her Old Navy box inthe mail today. I ordered her the cutest little outfits for the spring! i'll post pictures soon! I am hoping to get some family pictures taken soon to send out! hope everyone has a great week! miss you all!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short & Sweet...

So I just want to say that my baby B is almost definitely potty trained!! :D She has done SO well that past 6 days and I think she is just about ready to go diaper-free (during the day of course). We haven't attempted over night training yet, but soon we will! B caught on rather quickly to the whole staying dry thing! And she let's us know ASAP that she has to go! We are soooo proud! :)

Still on the prawl for some cheap flight tickets home, no luck!

Oh and I was reading an article today, they believe the earth moved about 3 inches from the earthquake that hit Chile, and we lost a milisecond or two out of our day. Pretty crazy huh! I am beginning to wonder, what's next, and the more I wonder, the more I scare myself. I don't want to worry about disasters like that, if it happens, it happens. Worrying about it, isn't going to stop it from happening!

I have also decided I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to put myself on a budget. I went shopping yet again today, and spent more money instead of saving for our trip home! BOO! I may possibly need help one of these days!

Well, that's all for now! I need to go be prodcutive! Have a good day all!