Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Short & Sweet...

So I just want to say that my baby B is almost definitely potty trained!! :D She has done SO well that past 6 days and I think she is just about ready to go diaper-free (during the day of course). We haven't attempted over night training yet, but soon we will! B caught on rather quickly to the whole staying dry thing! And she let's us know ASAP that she has to go! We are soooo proud! :)

Still on the prawl for some cheap flight tickets home, no luck!

Oh and I was reading an article today, they believe the earth moved about 3 inches from the earthquake that hit Chile, and we lost a milisecond or two out of our day. Pretty crazy huh! I am beginning to wonder, what's next, and the more I wonder, the more I scare myself. I don't want to worry about disasters like that, if it happens, it happens. Worrying about it, isn't going to stop it from happening!

I have also decided I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to put myself on a budget. I went shopping yet again today, and spent more money instead of saving for our trip home! BOO! I may possibly need help one of these days!

Well, that's all for now! I need to go be prodcutive! Have a good day all!

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Kelsie said...

way to go Baby B!!