Sunday, February 28, 2010


Those would be the words of B's new song! We are officially done with day 3 of potty training. B is adjusting to her "dora panties" very well. Of course we had a few accidents, but she is really learning! We are SO proud of her! T has been home with her, so he actually gets most of the credit! He is doing a wonderful job! He even took her to the store to pick out some pony and tinker bell panties! It definitely motivates her to keep dry! We aren't really pressuring her into it, just testing the waters with no diaper while she is at home. All I can say, is that I am so very proud of her! She is of course, still a monster! She is busy busy busy non-stop! We finally got her over her pneumonia spell. And it only lasted a good week or so, and she was back to normal! :D

Some random bits of information and recent updates::::

I have been busy working at the bank and the restaruant. Trying to save up to come home and do some traveling this spring! I am hoping to make a trip to Italy to see some friends and the MIL is coming to visit, so we have to plan some trips when she is here as well! I am a bit excited to see some familiar faces! I also started class again, I enjoy this class much more than the others. I am hoping the rest of the classes get better!

On a poor note, I have NOT been to the gym for 2 weeks! Shame on me yes, there is no way I will be able to run a race if I can't get my booty to the gym! I have been so exhausted lately, and just want to rest at home! But this week, I have some extra days off, hopefully I can make it and start running! Better yet, I hope  the weather is nice and I can start running outside and taking Briahna to the park!

And another poor note, I have recently went on a spending binge! I bought 5 pairs of shoes last week, a new purse, make-up, and about 5 outfits for B online! And I have to search for a B-day gift for T! What the heck do I get a 23 yr old guy for his birthday! I am definitely horrible at gift giving for men! Any ideas? Let me know!

The following pictures are of the German Fasching Parade in Ramstein. It is like Halloween for them, they dress up crazy, drink alot, throw candy, and yell "HALLO" to get candy. Note: Only fun if you're intoxicated without children.
The about photo: some creepy clowns in a pretty good marching band.
The picture below: the Fasching mascot I am assuming, it was on all the Fasching signs! Just like our Halloween with the black cat.
And the last picture: Tuan and his friends all dressed up for the big Fasching party that was across the street from our house. It was definitely a good time for them, not for the mom though! :D

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend and hope Spring approaches us all sooner than later! I miss everyone back home and can't wait to come visit! Don't forget to thank all of those past, present, and future members of the United States Military for their service to our country! God bless all of you!

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