Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a sad day in the neighborhood...

Okay, well not that sad, but I am just having one of those mornings! (It's not even 10am yet.) Ugh, perhaps I am just feeling sad for myself, with no reason at all really. I have come to wonder though, am I very unlikeable? Or do I appear to people as not a good person? Or am I just being too sensitive and over-exagerating the whole thing. Well either way, I am bummed. And I have decided today, that I will NOT be attending my 10 year HS reunion, and I will NEVER again live in Litchfield. That may perhaps be one of the worst places to live. After being away from "home" for so long, I will never live in a small town again. I may chose to live in MN again, but definitely in the city or right outside. I'm just needed time to vent, and this is the only place I can do it at this time of day!

Adding to my sad day, my baby has a mean cough and runny nose! Last night she had a temp of 104! My poor girl, at least she is doing much better this morning! :D She is about to go play with a new friend, and experience with a new sitter. Let's hope it goes well, which I am sure it will!

So I am now working at Service Credit union as some of you know, and we have a lot of birthdays, baby showers, and pot-lucks coming up. They are requesting donations for EVERY event, how do I know how much is enough to donate, as I am struggling for money myself? I would feel quite bad if I didn't donate, but how much is enough or not? Any suggestions would help me out! :D

Well last weekend Tuan and I attended a marriage retreat in Garmisch, Germany. One of the most gorgeous cities next to the Alps. It reminded me a bit of Colorado. Anywho, it was a nice vacation! Briahna joined us, and they offered free child-care! We deffinitely couldn't turn that down! We also visited Munich. The pictures are just of the hotel view of the mountains and some buildings in Munich. It was a nice city, but too cold to really explore! Maybe this summer!
This picture of the sign was mostly for Dachau. Just driving through that area gave me the chills. I really wanted to visit the camp, but I wasn't ready. That whole place gave me the chills, and it was hard to believe what actually happened there, as well as in Munich. It is pretty crazy to know that somethin like that happened so close to where I live and stayed. But I do hope to go back and visit some day!

Well I guess that's all I have for now! We are still trying to make it back home in June, but we'll see how that goes! Anwyays, miss everyone and thanks for letting me vent a bit! Til next time...

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