Thursday, April 29, 2010

CU 4 Reality

CU 4 Reality is put on by Service Credit Union Overseas, targeted towards 7th-8th graders. It is like a mini-confrence/seminar directed towards showing these kids what reality is actually like when you get older and pay your own bills. The kids come in, assigned a job and given a budget! They go around to different booths to get their necessities to live and extras if they can afford it. There are booths for things such as utilities, housing, cars, entertainment, clothing, temptations, and credit/finance advisors. I worked at the temptation booth, basically telling these kids they need things such as spa treatments, monthly hair cuts/styles, high-end handbags, gym memberships, pets, etc. I'm not so great at sales and marketing, and those kiddos sure gave me a run for my money! Their comebacks were too funny! It was easy to sell the guys Coach handbags for their wives/girlfriends, but the second I mention a haircut, it goes something like: "well, I'll just walk around my neighboor hood and find someone with a scissors." :) I was able to sell the guys massages as well, they all were googly-eyed towards that!

But things like the gym membership, not so much! It was sad trying to offer that to the girls, I had this TINY girl look at me and say "I'm fat, I defintely need the gym membership!" She was totally serious! :( Made me sad! I don't remember too often at 13 years old saying I was fat. I was too young to even know the difference! Anyways, long story short, these kids learned a real lesson today, that their parents go through very tough times to make ends meet, and it's most definitely not as easy or free as it seems! My job wasn't all that important, but I was quite satisfied at the end of the day, that I got to help these kids take a bite outta reality and see what they have to look forward too! :)

Well, on another note, I have SO much on my mind right now, I can't even think of anything to write about! My week has been a blur, I was convinced that today was Friday (It's only Thursday). I have been busy NON-stop! It's crazy, I enjoy being busy but feel like I am forgetting so much! I write everyone on a list here and there, and than FORGET where I put my list or FORGET that I wrote it down somewhere! Bah! Hopefully next week, it will settle down just a bit! If not, I will be on VACAY in a month to my favorite place, MN!

I am still on the hunt for a new camera, I found one I want online for $100 less than they have at the store, but I need to budget some things first before I can purchase it! We had to add another expence for daycare, boy oh boy does that add up after a while! Again, considering opening up a daycare! Kiddos are just too fun! Well, I guess I shall make my way to bed, another early morning ahead of me tomorrow! Probably won't be back until Monday, but I may make a small appearance over the weekend! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

So here a few updated pictures! Sorry I couldn't get the first two to rotate! :) They are both of B during Easter! She got a bag of goodies from T and I and she got to meet the Easter Bunny at the Egg Hunt at Pulaski Park. (Another event I had to miss due to working weekends!)  

So I am struggling trying to get these dang photos to go in the spot I want them, as well as typing from the left vs. center! But oh well! Anyways, about is B with her new sandbox! It was one of the nicest days we had, so we went to Rofu Kinderland and got one! I bought 3 bags of sand and my cart totally fell over in the parking lot! Had to have 3+ people help me lift it back up! Ah embarrassing! :) But she loves it!

The above photos are of our friend Josh at his BBQ on Easter. It was quite chilly, but they had a fire and tastey grilled food! It is common for the Germans to bring a gift to any get together they are invited too, as well as a pasta salad for a BBQ. I am no longer a fan of pasta salad. :( It was a good time though, B had a great time with the other kids and towards the end of the night, all of the adults raced her in the kiddie cars! And yes, she won EVERY time! :)

This last picture is of my city boy at the zoo, yes they have pot belly pigs at this zoo! She was all about petting and poking the animals. She chased those lil pigs around til he caught one! He is slowly coming out of his shell! :)

Well that's my update today! Just a few new photos! I won't bore you with my drama at work, I will save that for another day! I am excited now for 2 days off, and hopefully some nice weather! This weeknd Toby Keith will be on base! Hoping for a second round with my partner in crime, Miss J! Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead! Be back tomorrow!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Broken Camera...

Sorry for the absence. I am back now! While I was busy with my life doing EVERY thing imaginable, I decided to break my camera. A while back the string broke, and I just never got another one. Well in my clumsyness, I grabbed it out of the camera holder too fast and slipped right out, falling down not one, but TWO flights of stairs, coming to a dramatic fall on the hard tile basement floor. Needless to say, it not longer functions. So my current debate is whether or not to just get another "point and shoot" or upgrade to a more professional type camera. I have NO idea about photography or anything, but since I have been traveling and NOT paying for proffessional photo's of Bri, it may be a good idea? We shall see!

Well what have we been up to since I last blogged? Not so much, I ended up cancelling our trip to Switzerland, but book another trip to the Black Forest! Excited! :) We have just been busy with life, work, school, B keeping my on my toes! She is such a joy, a stressful but wonderful joy!

As far as my eating healthy and exercising goes, getting a bit better but still not noticing a weight loss or loose pants :(. I have a work out partner, she kicks my ass in ab work, but I kick her ass right back in running! I have been preparing for a short 5k run of some sort! Just a little something to feel accomplished! :)

I have again been debating what I want to be when I grow up! I am still interested in finance of some sort, but recently have been inspired to maybe open up a part-time daycare, just for our remaining time here! That way I can have my own schedule and weekends OFF for some traveling and family time! That would be lovely if you ask me! And kiddos just melt my heart these days, and no I'm not prego! I love the fact that I can give the kidds back at the end of the day! But a thought in process, still debating! Any thoughts?

It's zoo season again! We took a little trip last week to the Nuenkirchen Zoo and the Zweibruchen Outlet Mall. The mall is nice, BUT the prices are in € so it's a lot more expensive than the states! The numeric value is the same, say a shirt is $23 in the states, it would be €23 here. But when you convert the €23 to dollars, you end up spending $30 on that shirt. Yea, it's not cool! We are also poor Americans and can't afford high-fashion, EVEn as the outlet prices ha! It was a nice time though, spending the day with my loveS! :)

Well that's all for now! nothing too exciting, but I enjoy spilling the beans!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Keebler Animals Cookies...Frosted...

I have forgotten how absolutely lovely these tastey cookies are! I was browsing the grocery store yesterday for a snack for the kiddos, and I came across these. "The kids will love these," I thought. Secretly knowing that I was going to chow them down myself! B and I are currently finishing up the last bit of crumbs as we sit here watching "Alice in Wonderland." I had to rent the cartoon; T and I went to see the new Alice in Wonderland in 3D and for the life of me, couldn't remember how the real story went. Hopefully B will like it!

I've been in a blogging mood lately, I just feel the need to ramble, as I am sure if I were to talk to someone about all of this, they may get annoyed! :) But that is my reason for blogging, to keep some sense of sanity, and of course, keep all those who do read this updated on our journey here through Europe!

I have a favor of those who do read this, shoot me a comment or become a follower! :) If I don't have  many readers, I need to improve and could use some ideas!

Current Days:
3 Days until a weekend off
4 days until Switzerland
6 days until my new class starts

47 days until Minnesota!

Hoping to add a few more exciting things in there before we head to MN!

Hope everyone is doing well! Miss and love ya all! Now back to Alice and Wonderland, and later on some Private Practice! I secretly adore Kate Walsh!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My toddler calls me "Ash-hole"

Observing that a real job? If so, I'm applying yesterday! I am currently on the couch watching B try to put together some blocks. It's just amazing that only two short years ago, she was still in my tummy. She now has this amazing little personality and out-smarts me...daily. The other day I asked her what she was doing, "mommy, I'm chillin'." Chillin'? My child just told me she was chillin'? What's next? You could say she is 2 going on 15, everytime I ask her something lately, I get the "leave me alone mom" saying. Makes me a bit sad! And what else is new, instead of calling me momma, mommy, or mom, she calls me "Ash" when she is talking to me! And not just sometimes, she adds "Ash" to the end of everything she says to me! It's just funny what she comes up with!

An update on my change of eating habits and excercising: going well so far! I have been attempting to eat breakfast, lunch, and an early dinner. It's working! As far as the excercise, I haven't been to the gym enough, but have been doing a little something somethin at home. The weather is finally nice for me to start running outside! :) I'm not sure I lost any weight, but I do feel better and am happier looking in the mirror, perhaps just the committment to make a change is a step in the right direction! This week I have some extra time off, so planning to do some outdoor activities, possibly a hike in the mountains here in Germany. That would be an adventure, I do however need to find someone interested in this new adventure with me. T and I don't really have the same exercising habits and he typically doesn't enjoy running or walking for "fun." But we shall see!

Work is going well, still working at SCU and Chili's. Trying to save some $$, take some trips, and go home to the states! Shopping is calling my name! Speaking of shopping, I may have an impulse problem! I went to the store the other day for shoes for B, I walked out with a $30+ pair of shoes for her and a $70 bag for myself. Yea, not good, since I don't have the money for that! But I fell in love with the bag and she NEEDs shoes! Yes, justifying it isn't the right thing to do when it comes to that!

Anywho, just a random blog! This weekendI am hoping to do some traveling, perhaps Switzerland or the Black Forest?! Either would be qute lovely! I want to get as much out of living in Europe as possible!

My current military complaint: Air Force personell vs. Army personell. For those of you living the military lifestyle, have you noticed a difference between the two? Not work ethic, but personality wise? I don't have very much experience with the military, but going from an Army base to an AF base was like going from college back to highschool. Everyone has their drama and the place they came from, but for some reason AF has too much drama and all came from good homes, and have this mentality that they are better than anyone else. How can you be liek that, when A: you put your pants on just like everyone else B: Ya'll wear the same uniform and C: Ya'll work for the same man, Mr. Obama! How can one of you be better than the other? Seriously, for as many arrogant Army folk I have met, I have met 100 times more arrogant AF folk. It just blows my mind that I have met so many people this way just becuase of their Branch of Service, makes me a little worried as to who is fighting for our country! Don't get me wrong, I have met some pretty awesome people in the Air Force, my sister is in the AF, but it's just crazy that I can even tell a difference in personality type from one Branch of Service to another!

Enough rambling for the day, be home in MN on May 31! WOOOOOOT! I am so excited to see my family! Speaking of family, I am NOT coming home to get into any drama or take sides, and if this is the case, don't expect to see us very often!  Take care all, love you!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Just another day for me...But a day to make a change

So it's Easter today. Yep, another holiday spent away from the family back home. I just can not seem to get in the holiday spirit when we are so far from home. I wanted to do the whole Easter shabang this year, you know, church, easter bunny comes to hide B's basket, egg hunts, and a big Easter dinner. Well, it didn't and is not happening. Instead, I have spent my Easter looking through old pictures and creating photo books on Snapfish (how I love thee). While reminiscing over old photos from years ago, I began to think, about EVERY thing possible. Where has the time gone? If I could go back to 2008, I would be there! We had just moved to California, newly weds, a lovely 7 month old, great friends and family near by, and my jeans FIT!

I have decided that tomorrow (no, not today) I will start my new daily routine. I can't say it is going to be a diet, because I am not going to give up EVERY thing I like to eat. I will just be eating healthier, and in moderation, and the gym WILL be included in  my new routine. It's a must. I am currently a size 10ish, but my goal is get down to an loose 8. That was my comfortable area and I miss that! I currently do NOT know how much I weigh, I haven't actually weighed myself since August 2009, for the longest time I would step on the scale hourly and fret over every .01 lb added to the scale. I HAD to give that up, as it was driving me crazy. So accomplishing the goal of becomming a size 8 by June, I also want to be 140-145 lbs. Making an estimate, that maybe is about 15 lbs to lose. I know I can do it, as I have done it before. Just staying motivated and having extra support is all I need!

My cousin is getting married in June and I want to attend her wedding, in a summer dress! I haven't showed my legs to the public since probably 2008. There really is nothing wrong with them, but I just feel that with toner legs and a healthier lifestyle, I will be much more confident to strut my stuff! T has been losing weight as well and getting his basic-training body back, which is another form of motivation. I definitely don't want my man thinner than I am! :(

On another weight issue note, I am a proud military wife, but sure do not want to fall in that category. There is a typical stereotype of military wives. They tend to be overweight and lack a sense of style. I can not fall into that category! I am not saying all military wives are this way, but it is true for some. I find it hard to believe that it's possible for spouses to be overweight. Our husbands have to pass a physical fitness test, and be "fit to fight." If our husband's can do it, why can't we?

So let's see how well I do the next 2 months with my new routine and possible daily life change! Wish me luck!