Saturday, October 24, 2009

Skipped fall...directly into winter

So this year we went straight from summer into winter with maybe a week of fall. I heard it was about the same for Minnesota too! I am quite suprised as to how much of a baby I am. I grew up in Minnesota for 21 years. You would think I was used to the cold. YEA RIGHT! I hate being cold, and am a weenie when it comes to having cold weather here. Maybe it is different because I spend more time outside here than I did in MN? Not sure, but I hate it. Or maybe I just got used to the warm weather in Cali and AZ. I might just have to move to AZ where it is HOT everyday, all year round! :D

Anyways, I am done with my first week of school! So far so good! Briahna will be starting at the Children's Learning Academy in November, 2 days a week. It is a preschool setting, but of course not as strict as 2 year olds don't always cooperate! :D I am excited for her to get to be with other kids and to have some time to myself for school and what not!

My mom just sent us a new bed cover and tons of throw pillows and osme other room decorating stuff. She does a great job with that stuff! Our room finally feels more like home! :D She is sending a quilt for Briahna soon as well, I will have to post it once it gets here! I think I already talked about that!

Halloween is coming up next week! I am soooo excited! We are going to do the whole trick or treating thing and they have a little function on base with activities for Briahna! She is either going to be a princess or Tinkerbell...not sure yet! I got a girly eskimo costume and tuan is going to be mr. michael jackson of course. Can't wait to see this ha! I'll be sure to post pictures!

Well I don't have much else to say, just a quick update !miss everyone, have a great halloween!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Making A Change...

5 Generations- G.G.Gladys-->Patricia-->Danita-->Ashly-->Briahna

Since I have been back home to Germany, I have been thinking and rethinking what to do next. (As far as school, work, life, etc.) I am unsure really what the next step is. But as of right now, my next step is heading back to school! I am going to work at getting a Bachelors in Health Care Administration/Health Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. I am excited to go back and finally do something productive! I am going to continue looking for jobs in hospitals and clinics as a secretary type. That's what my AAS degree is in. But it's quite difficult here in Germany to find a job in that area. I am slowly trying to earn more responsibility at Chili's. Things like becoming a certified trainer and hopefully bartender soon. I know it's not a "real" job, but I'll tell you this, not just anyone can be a good server. I have seen many people fail at this job and it can be quite challenging for some! Maybe someday become an manager or something. I have learned in the last few years, I like to be the boss!! And I am pretty good at delegating others in a positive way! So we will see how that goes! Wish me luck!

On another note, Briahna is getting soo big! She is 2 years and 3 months already! She has learned so much in those 2 short years, it just blows my mind! I have been trying to get her into a child care program or German Kindergarten. I want her to interact with other children and be in a somewhat organized environment! She strives to learn newthings EVERY day! She is quite amazing, ask my dad! He was so amazed with her while we were home! The two things on the top of his mind: the shop and Briahna. My mom, Molly, and I wonder how come we don't rate that high! And it's only because, of course, Briahna can do no wrong! If you know my dad, you understand! :D But yea, all is going well with her! I just bought her some new little Old Navy outfits, so cute! And am waiting for the rest to come from my mom! Speaking of my mom, she made a super cute quilt for Briahna's bedroom! As soon as we get it, I'll post up a picture! Briahna loves it!

My mom, dad, and Briahna before we headed back to Germany.
Well, I suposse I shall do some real work on the computer! I thank all those who do read my blog. I was also wondering, to those of you who do read it, I would like some idea's to make my blog more interesting to read. I know talking about my life can 't get boring sometimes! Maybe some topics you'd like to read about? I have been thinking about blogging about a few things, other than just my life but can't come up with any good ideas at the moment! so just comment and let me know! Thanks again and miss all those far away!

Briahna chasing the goat at the Amazin' Farm yard in Eden Valley, MN.

Please keep my cousin Ben and Uncle Terry in your thoughts as they serve our country in Iraq and Afghanistan! Thanks! :D