Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Good, Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day...

This is a picture of Bri with Grandpa John's new kicks we bought him! She loves shoes!! (Just like mommy and daddy)
Today has just been one of those days! Everything was crummy from the get-go. I am starting to really miss the family and friends! I need a phone call soon! I may just go nuts being cooooked up in this tiny house! Hopefully, I will get a chance to get out soon! I am applying for a job as a bank teller, wish me luck! I must start somewhere! Other than my crummy day, everything else is moving forward. We are getting more and more things accomplished that need to be done before Tuan can start working.

Briahna is doing alright. She really hates going to sleep lately! And I am trying to get her off her bottle. Today was something else with that. She was very fussy without her usual bottles. I tried to give her the same amount of drink at the same time as usual with a sippy and sometimes it just wasn't working for her! but I will keep trying! Hopefully it will get better!

We finally got our address. Comment me or e-mail me if you would like it! I hope all is well with everyone! Miss you lots! Take care and enjoy your summer!

Friday, July 18, 2008


That means EXIT... my first German word and I can read and understand!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I will keep updating them on and off.

We are still in our temp house but should be moving into our house on Tuesday! We have had an uneventful week. I have never watched so many movies in a weeks time! But I enjoy my lazy time! Briahna is keeping busy! She loves when we go out and she gets the freedom to run around! The house is a bit small for her! But our house we got is much bigger. It is similar to our CA house. It has 3 floors, basement with 3 rooms, mainfloor with living/dining room full bath and kitchin, upstairs has full bath and 3 rooms. So it is perfect! i will get pictures up soon!

This post is a bit unfriendly towards families. They don't let children in the gyms...even if just to watch! They made me leave while Tuan was playing ball. We had to stay outside for an hour before I finally went in and stuck it to the man! It was cool and rainy...But they told me to leave again but I told them NO...and they left me alone!

We should get our mailbox and phone by next week, so I will have to give that out as well...just comment me or e-mail me if you would like that info! Well off to bed, its almost midnight! love and miss everyone!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another daY of unknowN evenTs...

I have now been in Germany for 4 days. It seems so short but feels so long! We finally have temporary housing. It is like a small one bedroom basement apartment. But it is very nice and it is all furnished with everything. We will be here for at least a week until we decide on what house we want to rent. I looked at one today which was really nice, but we still have 3 more too look at. We have to live in the economy due to lack ofmilitary housing for a while. It will be something new and different! The only stink thing about that is we have to pay everything upfront, where as the army pays if we live in military housing. But it is still exciting!

We have just been hanging out and tryin to adjust to the time difference still. It takes a while! I know I have asked everyone before but could you all e-mail me your address and phone numbers again!

Hope all is well and miss everyone! Oh and if you ever want to come visit... PLEASE do!! Free place to stay at our house (once we get it)!

I tried to get pics on here again but didn't work!! ill try again later!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm in Germany...

Well we made it safe and sound to Germany!! We had a great time in MN visiting with family. We got to ride go kartS (which my dad won) and horseback riding (which made me sore) and hang with the fam!! I wil def miss the states but am ready for this new adventure!

As of right now, we have been here about a day... Its about 8 am Wednesday morning... and we are staying in the hotel. The people have been pretty friendly so far and are helping us a bit. Our luggage didn't make it here with us, so we are hoping it will come in the next week or so. And we are also hoping to get housing soon too cuz i hate livin in a hotel! But its all good... Hopefully today we can go buy come clothes! Im runnin outta clean clothes! and everyone knows i hate being dirtY! ha... I will keep in touch through this and e-mail and such... but im about to go take care of bri... Love all and miss u!

ps (this website is in German so it won't let me add a photo!) ill try again later!