Friday, July 18, 2008


That means EXIT... my first German word and I can read and understand!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I will keep updating them on and off.

We are still in our temp house but should be moving into our house on Tuesday! We have had an uneventful week. I have never watched so many movies in a weeks time! But I enjoy my lazy time! Briahna is keeping busy! She loves when we go out and she gets the freedom to run around! The house is a bit small for her! But our house we got is much bigger. It is similar to our CA house. It has 3 floors, basement with 3 rooms, mainfloor with living/dining room full bath and kitchin, upstairs has full bath and 3 rooms. So it is perfect! i will get pictures up soon!

This post is a bit unfriendly towards families. They don't let children in the gyms...even if just to watch! They made me leave while Tuan was playing ball. We had to stay outside for an hour before I finally went in and stuck it to the man! It was cool and rainy...But they told me to leave again but I told them NO...and they left me alone!

We should get our mailbox and phone by next week, so I will have to give that out as well...just comment me or e-mail me if you would like that info! Well off to bed, its almost midnight! love and miss everyone!

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Anonymous said...

love the the new page layout! very cute! let me know your new address and such once you move in!! miss ya dear