Friday, May 30, 2008

I was taggeD....

1. Ten Years Ago...
i was 11... being a kid i guess?

2. 5 Things in todays 'To Do List'
clean, school work, play with bri, laundry, and more cleaning!

3. Snacks I enjoy:
hMm... bagelfuls, cookies, chocolate, juicE!

4. Things I would do If I was a Millionaire
pay the billS, travel, and take care of the parents!

5. Places I have Lived
LitchfielD, WillmaR, and Fort Irwin, CA!!!!

I don't know anyone else with a blog who hasn't been tagged to do this.. so anyone can!

I'm back!!!

Well I feel like it has been forever since I left a blog! I'll put a little in about my trip to Minnesota! It was a blast, thats for sure!

I was able to see people I actually know! We had a little get togther at my parents with the family. It was pretty fun! I also spent time hangin out with a bunch of my girls from school and finishing up on school work! (Which I am still doing by the way!) I have to be finished by July 15.

So... Since I have been back... I got into a new routine! I get up right away in the morn and don't putz around! I stay busy all day long which is an improvement but it was what I did in MN.

Tuan and I only have a month left until we are out of this crappy place! Than it is off to Germany! I was lookin it up and it seems wonderful so far! I am ready to leave this hot dry place. And Im definately ready to leave the NASTY scorpians behind! They raided out garage, GROSS!!

This weekend we plan on going through more of our stuff to see what we need and don't need. Than get ready for our little yard sale comin up. Its about time I get rid of all those clothes I don't EVER wear!

Oh yea.. BEST NEWS... Bri is finally walking up a storm! She is growing and changing soo fast!!! Ah its amazing! Well I am missin all my family and friends in MN! Miss u and see in a month!

Monday, May 12, 2008

What a Weekend...whew!!

Well what can I say, I had an eventful weekend! Bri decided to get sick this past week...really sick! She was so droopy wed-sat... So on Saturday I couldn't take the fussy crying baby anymore. I needed to get a peace of mind and know what was wrong with her. Well we got to the ER and waited and they didn't say too much but that she was dehydrated so she was on an IV for about 6 hours getting fluids in. They took a few tests and nothing was too serious. Basically they said she has a bacterial infection in her lungs... which pretty much can be anything. But they gave her some good meds and she is getting better! She is finally smiling and playing around! After that, we went down to the OC to see Tuans mom. Then it was my turn to get sick after our craw fish!! well lets just say i won't be eatin crawfish for a while! Sunday, for Mother's Day, we took Tuans mom out to an Asian seafood buffet... again i probably won't be eating that again for a while either. Tuan and I went shopping and got a few things for my trip to MN. Than we bounced back home and were pooed outt!

Well ill be in MN on Wednesday! I'm SOOOOOo excited!! AH! i cant wait to see the fam and friends! AH! well if i don't post anything before I leave... I'll probably talk to you anyways! see everyone soon!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Day...Revised Post!!

It's finally Wednesday! For some reason this week has gone by so slow! :D Bri is taking more and more steps everyday... I think she'll be pretty much walking in the next few weeks... i hope! Its so fun watching her grow and change everyday! Not too much else is new with me. Im getting super excited to come home next week! My goal today was to clean my house from top to bottom.. I pretty much cleaned everything!! But once Tuan gets home, I'll be able to finish!! Yesterday was the first time we had a sitter watch Bri. It was nice to not have to watch her... but I'd rather be home with her. It's never the same when someone else does things.. And they cleaned my kitchen! I'm not sure if I like that or not! HA!

My friend and I cooked dinner again for the guys. We made spaghetti and cheese bread!! It was pretty good... but yea! Ah i cant wait to get to MN!! Only a week left! Keep some time open for Bri and I! We cant wait to see all of u!

Ya know, whenever I think about what I want to blog about next, it always sounds so good. But once I actually blog, it really isn't that good or interesting! So I'll let you go and I'll write more when somethin exciting happens! Love u all and miss u! see my minne's later!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Briahna playing with her car from Krissy. These were taken April 28. She is 10 months already! Time has gone by so fast!

So I woke up around 8:30a this morning...I did my usual morning routine... Bri watching Mickey, I ate cereal and played with Bri. Well she started crawling towards the door and I noticed the shoes were still out. She likes to bite them, so I had to put them away. But before I got to that, I saw this HUGE brown thing move a little. Well, if you know me, you know I HATE bugs. So I ran away fast.. I got a towel and managed to kill the thing... It was nasty looking so I decided to look it up on the net... Turns out it was a sun spider, also known as a sun scorpian. I have never seen such nasty bugs as I have since I have been here. AH! That totally ruined my daY!

Other than that, Everything is going pretty good here! Bri is keeping me busy with her every move! She finally got rid of her cold.. but gave it to me on the way! The other day she decided to help me with the laundry again.. she loves to take everything out of the basket and give it to me.. and than she likes to push over the folded piles of clothes. This time she was crawling in and out of the basket.. she is in the crawling into and onto things stage lately! The other day she was standing on top of a box just chillin.. not doing anything.. just standing! But she is wonderful!

We will be in Minne in about 11 days! Can't Wait!!