Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Day...Revised Post!!

It's finally Wednesday! For some reason this week has gone by so slow! :D Bri is taking more and more steps everyday... I think she'll be pretty much walking in the next few weeks... i hope! Its so fun watching her grow and change everyday! Not too much else is new with me. Im getting super excited to come home next week! My goal today was to clean my house from top to bottom.. I pretty much cleaned everything!! But once Tuan gets home, I'll be able to finish!! Yesterday was the first time we had a sitter watch Bri. It was nice to not have to watch her... but I'd rather be home with her. It's never the same when someone else does things.. And they cleaned my kitchen! I'm not sure if I like that or not! HA!

My friend and I cooked dinner again for the guys. We made spaghetti and cheese bread!! It was pretty good... but yea! Ah i cant wait to get to MN!! Only a week left! Keep some time open for Bri and I! We cant wait to see all of u!

Ya know, whenever I think about what I want to blog about next, it always sounds so good. But once I actually blog, it really isn't that good or interesting! So I'll let you go and I'll write more when somethin exciting happens! Love u all and miss u! see my minne's later!

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