Saturday, May 3, 2008


Briahna playing with her car from Krissy. These were taken April 28. She is 10 months already! Time has gone by so fast!

So I woke up around 8:30a this morning...I did my usual morning routine... Bri watching Mickey, I ate cereal and played with Bri. Well she started crawling towards the door and I noticed the shoes were still out. She likes to bite them, so I had to put them away. But before I got to that, I saw this HUGE brown thing move a little. Well, if you know me, you know I HATE bugs. So I ran away fast.. I got a towel and managed to kill the thing... It was nasty looking so I decided to look it up on the net... Turns out it was a sun spider, also known as a sun scorpian. I have never seen such nasty bugs as I have since I have been here. AH! That totally ruined my daY!

Other than that, Everything is going pretty good here! Bri is keeping me busy with her every move! She finally got rid of her cold.. but gave it to me on the way! The other day she decided to help me with the laundry again.. she loves to take everything out of the basket and give it to me.. and than she likes to push over the folded piles of clothes. This time she was crawling in and out of the basket.. she is in the crawling into and onto things stage lately! The other day she was standing on top of a box just chillin.. not doing anything.. just standing! But she is wonderful!

We will be in Minne in about 11 days! Can't Wait!!

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InkyAndScrappy said...

You tell that girl she has got to stop growing so fast. My boys did that to me and I just don't like it. Haha. Big crawly bugs are the worst but shhhh don't tell John or he'll point out every single one. Can't wait to see the two of you!!!
Love and Miss you!