Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, I am almost a week late posting, but it's better late than never! :)

Just wanted to dedicate a post to my mom, D! The most amazing woman I know! As any mother-daughter relationship, we have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, I know she only has my best interest at heart, as I only have hers as well. Ask anyone and they will tell you, my mom is the hardest working, most giving, and reliable woman we know! She'll bend over backwards just to help somone in need! She takes care of her granddaughter, no questions asked! Even if she doesn't really want to do something, she will anyways! She takes responsibility, delegates, and leads to the best of her ability! My mom is the prom coordinator at her school, prom would never turn out as awesome asit does without her! She has vision, she can see things put together, to make a scene, and go with it! This year is going to be great! :) (As she coerced me into being her date this year!)

My mom, as a nana, is the best nana out there! B loves her more than mommy sometimes! They have such a special bond, it makes me tear up just thinking about it! Nana treats B like a princess! B looks up to nana for everything, they do everything together. If she has the choice to go with nana or mommy, nana is first pick everytime! Nanny (her new slang name) plays with B, and she comes up with the neatest ideas for new ways to play! Nanny and B's imagination together is through the sky! They are pretty amazing!

My mom helps me with anything I need help with! It is hard going to her for advice, as we have different ways of thinking, but when I do get her advise, I take it all into consideration! She wouldn't give me advice if she didn't think it would work! She's been there for me since I can remember! I want to thank her for being the best mother and nana anyone could ever ask for! I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her! :) She's my rock and I love her so much! Thank you, Mom!

And a shout-out to all the wonderful mother's I have known or come to know! You are all amazing, our babies wouldn't be here without us! Give yourself a day to relax, have you time, and remember that you mean the world to your kids! (yes, even the days they say "i hate you", throw their uneaten oreos under the couch, color on the permanent marker, get intoxicated for the first time, or any of those other things kids do to torute their moms!) They love us and we love them more than words can explain! So those who didn't, go show your mother how much she means to you, without her, you wouldn't be here! I love you, mom!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

0130 am...can't sleep

So I am beyond exhausted. I get roughly 4-6 hours of sleep a night, and would greatly appreciate if I could get more. I honestly can't remember the last time I slept in a bed, I need the tv to put me to sleep. Well, I attempted to sleep in my actual bed tonight. It was a disaster. I tossed and turned for more than an hour. Most people can hit the pillow and the ZzZz's start rolling, NOT for this girl. It seems that my mind is racing ONLY while in bed trying to sleep. Every thought, wonder, memory, worry, etc. crosses through my mind, keeping me awake! Soon, I'll crash! :( And I hate thinking about things, especially things I have no control over, such as the past. Grr...hate the past these days!

On a good note, I have gotten to catch up on a lot of tv shows I've missed out on the last 3 years while living in Germany! Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, Sex & the City, How do I look, etc. pretty much anything that catches my attention, anythingon NatGeo or the Trav channel...they've got me hooked! Oh and I can't forget Phineas & Ferb time with B (That's about the only cartoon I can handle watching!).

So perhaps tomorrow night I'll get some legit ZzZz's in at a decent time! No more of this 2am BS! :p Hope everyone else is sleeping away!