Saturday, December 11, 2010

No one is better

than my dad! My dad graced us with his presence in Germany last Friday. This week has come and gone faster than I thought, but him being here was just what I needed! My dad was here at the perfect time to talk me through the most diffucult time in my life. And when I say difficult, I don't mean it as in having a tough life. Just a hard spot that I need to get past, harder then anything I have ever had to deal with. Blah!

On a good note, my dad and I got to explore Germany and Amsterdam this week! :) Minus the BITTER cold, it was a sight to see for sure! :) We visited Anne Franks house, walked the Red Light District, took a trip to Speyer, Trier, and Berlin. If you haven't been, you should! Berlin is an amazing city with amazing shopping, sights, and food! :) Pictures to come soon!

Christmas is coming soon! Another holiday away from home will be tough, but so soon we will be back in Minnesota! Hope everyone had a great weekend!