Tuesday, May 26, 2009

..i seem to have disappeared...

But I am back at it... Just letting you all know that things are going well! Briahna and I will be home in August for a month! SOOO excited to see everyone! We have been busy doing the usual. I have been working, Tuan has been working, and Briahna as been working us! :D She is getting soo big and smart! She can count to 13 in English and to 10 in Vietnamese! She is slowly learning colors, and speaking in phrases/sentences! She is becoming aware of when her diaper is full and needs a change. I bought her a new potty chair and am excited/dreading the whole potty training thing! We have been taking walks and getting her out of the house lately!

However, the weather is getting hot and humid. So NOT for me at all! We took Briahna to the zoo for Memorial Day. It was a sad little zoo that is for sure, but she definitely enjoyed the animals and being able to run around! The other day we went to eat at the hotel down the street. We ordered the largest burger there, needless to say, it was LARGE! It was 10 inches across and about 4-5 inches thick! It was a monster! Other than that, we haven't been up to much. Tuan bought a new car, yes, again! But he loves it! It is an RSX Type S Acura. A typical asian car haha! Oh ya, just wanted to say a belated Happy Mother's day to all the amazing moms out there! And also hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! Next is the month of June, so many birthdays, and the best day ever, Father's day! What the heck do I get my dad for that? You all know my dad, it's a touch desicion on what to get uh! Oh and it's wedding season! Speaking of that, Congrats to Kelsie and Alex (engaged!) :D Anyways, that's all for noW!