Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So as we all know, Briahna is my busy little toddler. Well she is getting to the stage of learning to dress...okay well UNdress herself. I can barely get her to keep her pants on for more than an hour before they are hiding the corner somewhere! She hasn't mastered the shirt yet, but her next accomplishment has been the diaper. Okay so she is too smart for her own good. I woke up this morning to find a naked baby rolling around in her crib...SERIOUSLY!! And yesterday, the same thing after her nap, but yesterday, she thought she would leave me a little present (not poo either)!! OHH I couldn't help but laugh, Tuan was more upset than I was. But still, how can you not laugh! So I hope all of you can now imagine my bottomless baby running around the house causing mischief! LOVe her anyways! So yea, that is my story for the day!

Be home in 9 days everyone! :D

Saturday, February 21, 2009

:) the good stuff....

So I just wanted to write about my amazing little Valentine's day suprise!

I had to host that night at work. I was up in front, talking to customers, answering phones, and doing whatever else I was doing. I felt something hit my leg, and I glanced down and saw a little kid. I didn't think anything of it, until it hit my leg again. Looked again, the kiddo looked familiar. So she hit me again, and finally I bent down and it was Briahna! (How sad, I didn't notice her right away) But she was holding a bouquet of roses for me!! I looked around for Tuan and he was still outside. It was soo cute, cuz Briahna was like "flower" "mommy"... and gave them to me! My heart melted! Tuan came in with a bag of candies and a liscence plate he had made with my name on it. It was adorable, how he did that! It totally made my night! So yea, just thought I would share ha!!

Um we will be in the states in 12...yes 12 days!! :D Hope to see everyone while we are there! Love you all!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My funny Valentine...

So I was the meanest mommy today, I totally dressed Briahna up in this goofy little Valentine outfit! HA! She looked adorable though haha!! I hope everyone else had a great day, even tho most people despise this day, and I totally don't blame them! It is an overly promoted day, where people spend way to much money on crappy candy and too much pink/red shit! Ah annoying! I did get Tuan a little something, but totally didn't spend alot of money! Briahna got more for the day than we did, thanks to Nana and Diane! She is miss little spoiled lately! But love her as always!!

At the moment, she is hiding behind the curtains washing the window with her wipes. She is so weird sometimes! She is busy talking and playing and watching Mickey! She might be obsessed with Mickey! Tuan loves to do that claw machine, where u try to grab the prize with a claw or whatever. Well, he has won her like 10 mickey/minnies...the back of his little Honda is filled with them! All different types and such! Crazy!

Last night Tuan and I went for dinner to this Italian place called DINO. It was amazing! The food was so good and it was just a nice atmosphere! Than after that we went to eat at Chili's, well just desert and such but it was sooo good! :D That was our Valentine celebration since I have to work tonight and he is gone today working on his car. I think he should be getting it started soon! Hopefully!! So ya!

So this picture is of Tuan sleeping. I ALWAYS sleep with that blanket around my head and he totally makes fun of me! But that night I got home from work, and LOOK! He totally was doing it too, what a punk for making fun of me! And than he was like "its comforting," well no shit dude, that's why I do it!!

Nothing else exciting here, except that we will bein the states in like 19 days!!!!!!!! Seriously, I can NOT wait to be back and see the fam!! Miss you all sooo much! :D So yea, that is about it! Nothing special in this blog! See you all soon!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gym complaints...

As most of you know, I love to hit up the gym on a regular basis or when I am in the mood! Well, lately I have been going pretty frequently and have observed many things while at the gym.

Tell me, is it necessary to stare at others while they are getting their sweat on? I find it so annoying when people stare. It is one thing to look around once in a while, but staring, seriously!

I have my usual routine, bike, treadmil, little core workout, and eliptical. I go around 8p to avoid the rush. And the gym is fairly quiet at that time. I sit down tonight on the bike and peddling like a monster, ha! There are 9 other open machines and this lady sits RIGHT next to me. Comeon now, why would you want to sit next to someone when all those other machines are open! I just want to know what people are thinking when doing that! I make a point to sit alone and not near anyone as much as possible! It is my time to work out and be all sweaty, I don't need someone sitting next to me huffin and puffin! Ugh!

Hm. What else have I noticed? Tonight this girl was on the stair machine thing, totally trying to look sexy while exercising! I only noticed her cuz she would like make the major movements and swinger her hips, staring in the mirror, and constantly looking behind her for someone to see her! Seriously!! (Okay this involved me to stare at her, but ugh I was sooooo bothered!) Who goes to the gym to show off? I am sure people do, but I would like to enjoy going to the gym just to work out. Period. I don't need others making my gym experience crummy!

Well that is all! Anyone else have crummy gym stories? I would love to hear about them ha! Miss you all and see you in a month!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

And a month later...

So it has been another month before I wrote anything, my bad! And I really haven't been all that busy, more like not interested in typing I guess! But here I am, so enjoy!

Nothing too exciting has been going on! Last week Briahna had her first dentist appointment. She has 12 perfectly healthy teeth! She was so well behaved for the dentist, I was so proud! There was this stuffed dino there, and she kept growling at it! It was too cute! She is growing and talking as usual. Her new thing is "Your welcome" after I say thank you. She has a pretty broad vocabulary in English and Vietnamese. She is soo smart! Love it! :D

Tuan and I both had dentist appts. this week also. Tuan has to get is wisdom teeth removed at the end of the week, and I have cavities! How crummy huh! But apparently they don't have flouride in the water here, and the dentist said that it really does make a big difference without it! So I guess we will be buying our water from now on! I have been working quite a bit, trying to save up for our trip home! Speaking of that, only one month until we are in the states! So excited! I should really start getting ready for that! I know it will come faster than I think!

The other day I took Briahna to this place called Yabadoo with Jess and her 3 kids. It is a giant indoor play area thing. (kinda of like DZ Discovery Zone that they used to have in Cloud if anyone remembers!) She had a blast...so did mommy! They have things that the parents can do to join in the fun! ha! Today Briahna and I went over to my friend Melinda's for a little playdate with the girls. They have so much fun together, love it! :D hM ya... Jess watched Bri on Monday while I was working and took Bri to eat there. I couldn't believe again how well behaved she was.... why don't they do that at home!!

But yea, anyways! Not too much else is going on! Just been working, hanging out with friends and kicking it at home! I have been getting to the gym a bit too, but not lately! I have been sooo hungry and tired lately it is insane! but oh well...ill get back in the groove soon!

Well I really do miss everyone back home! I'm horrible at keeping in touch lately, I will try to be better! Hope all is well in the states! Please e-mail me with updates on all of u! love to hear from you guys!

Oh ya, I just got this addiction to Jackets! I have gotten 4 in the last 2 months...seriously! I love them in dif patterns and colors! Just thought i'd share that with ya hahaha!
Ill be seeing all of u soon! Be in CA March 5-19 and in MN March 19-31! Keep some free time open! :D