Monday, March 4, 2013

Another long and hectic weekend...

Well the last few days have felt extremely long! I worked the over night 2 nights in a row then turned around to have the middle of that, Briahna was running a 103.8 consistant temp, once reaching 105. I rushed home from drill at 10pm to take care of her. We spent Sunday trying to break the fever only having to make a quick trip to the ER for the 105 temp. All I will say is I will NEVER go back to the ER in Litchfield, the doctor didn't listen to any of the symptoms I explained to him and all he was worried about was a "red" throat...well she was throwing up multiple times moron! Bleh, so of course, they went to their "go-to" of prescribing an antibiotic...needless to say, I left quite irritated. She continued to throw up and run a temp of 103.. but today she is finally doing much better, eating, playing, and mobile!

Since she got to have a sick day today, I didn't get a chance to make it to the home workout chosen by Bri it was:

Six Pack March: 20 situps, 10 pushups, 30 sec plank

Strength Training for Women Workout
:30 plank pose
:30 leg lowering
:30 reverse crunch
20 shoulder shrugs w/ 20lb dumbbells
20 bent over rows w/ 20lb dumbbells
20 deadlifts w/20lb dumbbells
20 hammer curls w/5lb dumbbells
20 curls w/5lb dumbbells
20 standing calf raise w/20lb dumbbells
20 chest presses w/5lb dumbbells
20 chest fly w/5lb dumbbells
20 pushups
20 bridges
20 leg curls
20 goblet squats with 20lb dumbbell
20 lunges w/20lb dumbbells
20 lying side leg raises
55 jumping jacks

Malibooty workout (glute workout, hard to explain)
20 x2

I definitely worked up a sweat! I am limited on the weight at home since I only have 5lb dumbbells and 20lb'd probably be a good idea to purchase some 10-15lb ones!

I created a workout binder today. I have a lot of workouts I have printed out to do at home and at the gym and finally got around to putting them in a book, so now I can flip through and quickly pick out a workout to do. Its nothing crazy but it is motivating having it handy.

I am hoping to squeeze in another short workout, primarily dealing with pushups/situps since I have a PT test coming up and NEED to pass with perfect form.

We're getting hit with some snow today, so I hope it doesn't affect my plans for tomorrow which include looking at some more homes and possibly putting in an offer on one and getting in a long overdue gym session!