Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is this world coming to??

The swine flu...are you effing kidding me!! Uh I am not one to worry so much about things, but this is one that has got me going! I am soo bothered that it has been reported in Germany. Since Germany is so small, I feel like it is just lurking outside my house! Perhaps I am being excessively paranoid, but seriously, I am scared! I am also worried more and more everyday about my family and friends in the states. I pray and hope that researchers find a cure or antibody to get this virus under control. Who knows how it will affect the world tomorrow, or next week. It is scary not knowing at all! It actually makes me more angry than anything!

I hope that everyone is taking proper precautions and staying safe during this pandemic!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

that mouse sure didn't know what was in it's nastly little future...

I felt a bit ambitious today and cleaned the house...somewhat! Well I was on my 3rd load of laundry, when I went to open the dryer door. Does anyone expect anything out of the oridinary when you open the dryer door? Well I sure don't. Anyways, I opened the door, and flew back sooo fast I really didn't know what it was at first. So I open the door again and look closer. I was like "WTF" (but actual words)... there was a freaking DEAD mouse sitting on my lint trap INSIDE my dryer. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So here I am, trying to figure out where that thing came from. I am guessing it climed through the tube that blows air outside or through the window, but ugh how crazy! So I got up the guts to pick it up with some bags and trash that shit! I opened the lint trap and there are mouse hairs and parts stuck in there...yea lets just say that part is still in the dryer waiting to be cleaned out. Let's hope Tuan will help me out on that one.. So yea, that was my dilemma for the day! Good luck opening your dryer doors from now on! :D

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So I still need to upload the Minnesota part of our trip. But that will be for another day. We are finally getting adjusted back to Germany. Tuan has been busy working as well as I have. I am hoping to start school soon and hopefully finish my degree...1000 years later! I am also hoping to get a new job at an american clinic around here, but that is a work in progress. Briahna is busy playing and talking up a storm. She is saying partial sentences and counting very well. She loves Elmo and Big Bird. Her new thing is screaming Big Bird as loud as she can when she sees him! She is also getting very stubborn, just like her parents :D! Tuan had his wisdom teeth removed. He was a trooper and acted like a man! ha! He also did our guest room downstairs. Thanks to his yard sale obsession, we have gotten some nice things for down there! It looks pretty good, so anyone wanting to come visit, you will have your own little domaine down there! The weather is amazing! 70s daily...except for the last few days it rained and it was pretty nippy! I have been going to the gym regularly, and my pants are finally fitting again! :D Yay! I am def. missing home more than ever lately. I hope to come home for a visit soon when everyone is less busy! Miss the parents and molly like crazy! Who knew! Life is crazy, how it just keeps going whether you are ready for it or not! Love it, hate it, live it... that's all we can do! But anyways, miss u all! Take care!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

More to come...

So there are 3 new blogs with photos and such... I will post about my MN trip later on!! :D

desert places...3

We met the Michael Jackson impersonator...he was soooo sweaty... but a pretty good impersonator...we also met Christina Agulara, Rod Stewart and saw Tim Mcgraw and Elvis...all impersonators of course! That was a show called the American Superstars showin at the hotel Stratusphere...pretty cool and cheap! This day was Tuan's birthday... we spent 50 on 2 drinks for him to get his drink on.. he got a long island with 10 shots of alchy...crazy right!
We went to see Wayne Brady while we were in Vegas...He was pretty funny but so not worth the money we had to pay! He played at the Venetian...gorgeous hotel!
This humpy dumpty was too cute...not really sure what it's purpose was at the hotel...
We stayed at the Excalibur. Pretty decent for the price we payed... There isn't as much to do there as others but still nice compared to the place I stayed last year... We were right on the end of the strip and walking distance from everything!

We went to Arizona fora few days to see Briahna's other side of the family. Here they are all eating Pho and talkin...of course I had no idea what they were saying! They all were so happy to see Briahna.
We took the cousins Go Karting... pretty fun and I am sure they enjoyed it!

They are from a tiny town in AZ with a population of like 1000... They do have a sonic.. probably my new favorite place to eat...esp the oreo malts! MMMMAZING! We basically hung out with their family and did a little shopping and kicked back.. nothing serious! Oh and ate alot of asian food... can't complain was good!

Trip to the US...2

Us on the Pier at Long Beach. Just had to show my mom that we love chocolate just as much as she does!! :D Allthe buildings on the pier were bright pink, blue, green, and yellow. It was pretty neat to see...esp being a small town MN girl!
Here is Tuan holding the haunted Queen Mary in Long Beach!

This might just be the ugliest/coolest's called a Turkey Fish... what do u think!

Tuan doin his usual, scaring briahna makin mean noises... those were some pretty big crabs... probably the size of a large cat...but with longer legs...

Briahna has an infatuation with pigeons...loves to run at them and try to catch them... ha gross birds tho but funny to watch Briahna...

Here are a few pictures from Disneyland and the Long Beach aquarium! Those star fish above were pretty cool, but kinda gross cuz you could see the little insides wiggling! Briahna loved all the fish!

Briahna playing at Chip & Dales Tree house... She was soo tired and hot. The weather was gorgeous but hot in the sun! She also played on Donald Ducks pirate ship...

Tuan and I at California Adeventures on the Tower of Terror... kinda scary actually ha!

Briahna loves goofy, but as soon as he come close she clenched on to me like there was no tomorrow! She was terrified, but as soon as he was far enough away it was "goofy" this and "goofy" that. We also took a picture with Pluto...she did the same thing!

Briahna and I in the cartoon car in ToonTown in Disney Land.

Trip to the States....1

Well we are finally back from our wonderful vacation to the United States! I have soo many pictures and so much to write about, so it is going to take a few blogs to catch up on it all!

We arrived in California on March 5. We spent the weekend spending time with Tuan's mom and Feets and VA. We did a little shopping and out to eat for the most part. Nothing to exciting. We also took Briahna to Disneyland and the Long Beach aquarium. She definitely enjoyed them! We took Vincent out for his 16th birthday to the Cheesecake factory. (Best cheesecake ever by the way) Briahna spent alot of time with Tho (Tuan's mom), while we just hung out around the area. We went to the swap meet where Bri wanted the ugliest baby doll. Of course we got it for her!
Going backwards, our plane ride went fairly well. However, our flight attendents were HORRIBLE. We landed in Michigan and our flight was delayed. So you know, after already flying for 9 hours, who wants to wait?! So we finally got on the next flight to Cali...They said it would take 5 ended up taking 6 and half hours!! Are you kidding me! IT was insane...

Here is Tuan and I after our LONG plane rides to Cali.
Hm. What else is there to talk about... We did alot more but thos will come in another blog with other pictures. Oh ya, we went to Venice beach. SOOO not a place for children. Homeless people on one side, crappy crap on sale on the other side...oh and don't forget the cloud of weed smoke in the air! I am sure I would have appreciated it more if I wasn't a mother... I remember having to use the restroom and totally walked in on some dude pullin up his pants...EW! HE came out mumbling something...creepy! I fina
lly walked in and wanted to vomit! The floor was covered in everything you can imagine...UH... Ill probably NEVER go there again! No thanks!
Here is Feets, VA, Tuan, and I eating at Rockin' Crawfish...soooo good! That is one thing we miss here in Germany, no seafood anywhere!
We were pretty busy in Cali, but I guess I am forgetting alot... or just no room for more pictures! :D Ill add another blog shortly!