Saturday, July 31, 2010


We took Miss B to see Shrek 4 today! She was pretty good all the way through! It was cute for sure! Not as good as the first 2 movies, but still cute! :) We had our popcorn and soda and were set for the movie!

So now that I am back at work on the weekend, I forgot forgot forgot how shady some people can be at that place! SO I was one of the last people to have tables in the restaurant. We have someone who cleans the server stations at the end of the night, and anyone who knows how to do their job, knows that they usually need to be done again after the customers have left. Well since I will still working, I put my trash in the trash bin at that station that was already cleaned, assuming it was going to get done again. Well this ASS decided, instead of doing his required job, to dump ALL the trash on ALL of my tables. Who in their right mind things this is okay? I have never been so disrespected by someone so shady like that. How does someone even do that to another person? AND than this person comes out screaming my name from the kitchen, threatening me with more work if I don't get in the office ASAP. FOr real, where do these effing people come from and why is it necessary to speak to someone in such a demeaning manner! WTH!

And on top of that, some stupid person door dings our car today, multiple times, and obviously drives away! We spent a lot of money on our car, and not for other's to treat it like crap! I HATE people here and can not wait to leave! UGH!

Okay so I am done now. Just neeeded to get that off my chest!

Congrats to Jenn and Erin, the ONLY two who commented/followed my blog this week! I appreciate it and all thos who read my blog! :)

Hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am, but don't worry, next week will be great! We are going on out vacation to the alps! Can't waaiiit!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

One more day...

until I close the blog candy prize. Saturday will be the last day to comment or become a follower to recieve a gift! :)

Thanks to those who do read my blog! Always a nice feeling!

So last night was "date night." It was probably the best time T and I have had out in too long! We went to see "Just Wright" and had dinner at the Sports Bar. We enjoyed each other's company, no arguing, no fighting, just a pleasant time from beginning to end! :) So wonderful!

Hope everyone had a great week and has an even better weekend!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Who Wants It....

So I am unsure if I actually have any readers or followers, BUT I am going to do a little prize/goodie bag for the first 2 people who become a follower or post a comment to this post! Include your name and e-mail and I will get in contact with you if you are the winner!

Prize will include one of my favorite Yankee/Colonial candles and a few of my favorite European candies! :)

Also, I am getting more and more into baking sweets and cupcakes, and am looking for some new ideas, flavors, decorations, etc! If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment them! If I decide to use someone's idea, I will send them a small gift for their input! 

I am just trying to get some readers/followers! I like writing for others, so far, I am writing to myself, which is always needed for sure!

Small update: T is back from TDY, not a military wife's favorite term! He was gone only for a week, but still! Let's just say I am beyond tired! He is my comfort, and when he is not there, I am not comfortable! B is so glad he is back as well, she has been acting so much better since he is home! Oh this girl's imagination just cracks me up! She is so full of the business, I love her soo much! 

Oh and I finally got "DEXTER" in the mail today! If you haven't seen it, you should! Great show! 

Anyways, please follow or comment to win the prize and give me some ideas!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just Like...

"I have big feet, mama, JUST LIKE you!"

"I fart, mama, JUST LIKE  daddy!"

"You poop JUST LIKE me, mama?"

"We have big ears JUST LIKE the monkeys!"

"Mama, my belly is big JUST LIKE yours!"

Me- "What color is mama's hair?"
Bri- "White, JUST LIKE grandma's!"

The wonderful JUST LIKE quotes from my beautiful B! She has these quotes on a daily..or maybe hourly...basis! She has eagle eyes and ears and know's when things are JUST LIKE something/someone else! Oh how I love her!

Oh and she just told me she wants to watch a "DDD".   :)  We'll work on that V in the middle!


Just another Picnik photo I worked on today. :) More to come...

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. ~Mark Twain

Monday, July 19, 2010

CupCakes and SweetHearts

A few of my favorite sweets! :) 

My lovely sweets! :)
These two things make my day so much sweeter! :)

4 Small changes to Make Today

1. Your Mantra: don't worry, be happy
  • Yearning to find something more, but realizing I am absolutely content with the things I have in life. I will do my best to not want so many things, but to appreciate the things I do have.
2. Take a joy test
  • I've always wanted a marathon. Any distance will be an incredible accomplishment.
  • I'd love to...own my own CupCake business...maybe something called "Luscious Indulgence" with tastey frostings, flavours, and creatively designed cupcakes!
  • I look forward to...our mini vacation to Edelweiss. Can't wait to see the alps and visit the magnificent castles of Bavaria!
3. Make things better right now
  • Perhaps I am feeling a bit sad or lonely since coming back from my trip to the states, however, I am going to make that change.
  • I will definitely look forward to my weekly phone chats with my mom, dad, and M on Sunday nights, even if it cuts into my sleep time, those phone conversations mean the world to me!
  • No more feeling lonely, I will get out of the house, meet some other moms, join play groups, and get B started in some sports activities this fall.
  • Date night WILL become a routine in our weekley schedule, I miss my husband.
4. Ignore the peanut gallery
  • I criticize other's, now knowing these criticisms come from my own personal insecurities.
  • I get criticised, now knowing those criticisms come from other's own personal insecurities.
  • Living my own life and doing my own thing, will help me ignore negative criticism. My skin needs a bit of toughening, but that will come from my own persistance to become a stronger person. When someone feels the need to critisize my life, they will either get an ear full or a "thanks, but no thanks."
I took this from Women's Day magazine. It got me thinking, I need to learn to Let Go of all those unwanted or negative things in my life.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh Say Can You See...

If you aren't familiar with a movie theater on a military base, you would be suprised that before the movie begins, you stand for The National Anthem. This afternoon, T and I, took B to see "Despicable Me" today on base (a must see for sure). They began by playing the anthem before the movie. Briahna wasn't sure what was going on, she stood on her chair, looked around for a minute, and said "Mommy, I want to put my hand on my heart." She put her hand on her heart, stood there, standing proud next to her daddy at attention. :) My beautiful little girl made me so dang proud today! And I will admint, I got tears and goosebumps!

Monday, July 12, 2010

PicniK Photos...

Here is another I played around with. This is Tuan and I in Stuttgart, Germany in May at the Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It's supossed to be a fancy focal shot. I thought it looked pretty neat!

I am hoping to work on a few more photos! :) It's fun but a bit time consuming (mostly because I am a perfectionist).

Here is a photo I edited with the website. I love it! It's fun playing around with different colors, decorations, and such with the photos! I made this one the other night for Tuan. It is from our trip in March down the Rhine River in Germany! :) Peace is the new sign in our house! (Thank goodness it's not the middle finger! :p

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent the weekend working as usuaL! I have one last full week of work at the CU and than I am done! SO dang excited! I am sure I state that in all of my previous blogs! Today B and I have the day off, so we are planning to get our hair cut and possibly get some new toy ponies! :) And of course make a trip to the Commissary to get some strawberries and milk! B and I have eatin hundreds of strawberris this past week! :) Delicious!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

BLAH! how I feel right now! :( Another one of those days, just praying that tomorrow is a better one!

I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th weekend and is enjoying their summer so far! I will have an official summer NEXT week! Yes, one week from tomrrow, I am DONE working at the credit union! I will miss my job for sure, but am ready to have my weekends back and won't have to look for babysitters anymore! I am so over that! :p

But that is it for today. Too BLAH to write anything real today. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Here is one of my first ever designed cupcakes, or something like it! :) Still in the learning process! But want to thank my mom for teaching a few tricks of the trade, I have more to  post soon!

One of those days...

where nothing I do is right! UGH! Does anyone else have those days? Probably worse than any other day, the day where you feel like crumbs on the dirty kitchen floor! Of course it will be better tomorrow, but today is just not my day.

I did end up shopping, as I stated in my previous post, I don't have the ability to stop my self! But am uber excited to get my clothes in the mail!! Also went downtown, and got some cute tanks for this dang weather we are having! So hot! :) But loving the sun finally!

I don't really feel like blogging at all, but just venting a bit before I go to bed, so I can sleep in peace! :(

Anyways hope everyone else is having a GREAT day!! :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone has an amazing 4th of July! Great day to be an American for sure! Be sure to take a moment and thank all those past and present soldiers to have defended our freedom and brought us where we are today!

So it seems I have been missing from my blog for the past month almost! So I will just list a few things...

1. We had an amazing trip to MN visiting with family and a few friends! We got back to Germany a day late due to mechanical problems on the airplane.

2. We've been back almost 2 weeks and have been so busy with life!

3. The pool will become our life this summer.

4. I quit my job at SCU and plan to just work at Chili's so I can have more money and time off for some traveling!

5. T is busy with work and has a summer full of training, schools, and the famous road march in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

6. We planned our trip to Eidelweiss, to spend a few days together before T leaves for traning in August!

7. I have a new found love for cupcake decorating, and would love to make it a weekly habit! Pictures will be posted soon! :)

8. B turned 3 years old on the 24th of June! (No party yet, but planning one this month!)

9. I have once again become obsessed with shoes and shopping, which will definitely test my ability to control my "swiping".

10. My husband can cook! Boy oh boy, can he cook! He made us lumpia and pancit (Filipino food) tonight, delicious!

Okay, well that's it for now! I'll try to get some new photos up of our trip to MN and my awesome cupcakes!

Oh yea, if you read my blog, save up some money and come visit us!! We leave here in just a year, going who knows where! We would love some friendly faces to visit!