Monday, July 19, 2010

4 Small changes to Make Today

1. Your Mantra: don't worry, be happy
  • Yearning to find something more, but realizing I am absolutely content with the things I have in life. I will do my best to not want so many things, but to appreciate the things I do have.
2. Take a joy test
  • I've always wanted a marathon. Any distance will be an incredible accomplishment.
  • I'd love to...own my own CupCake business...maybe something called "Luscious Indulgence" with tastey frostings, flavours, and creatively designed cupcakes!
  • I look forward to...our mini vacation to Edelweiss. Can't wait to see the alps and visit the magnificent castles of Bavaria!
3. Make things better right now
  • Perhaps I am feeling a bit sad or lonely since coming back from my trip to the states, however, I am going to make that change.
  • I will definitely look forward to my weekly phone chats with my mom, dad, and M on Sunday nights, even if it cuts into my sleep time, those phone conversations mean the world to me!
  • No more feeling lonely, I will get out of the house, meet some other moms, join play groups, and get B started in some sports activities this fall.
  • Date night WILL become a routine in our weekley schedule, I miss my husband.
4. Ignore the peanut gallery
  • I criticize other's, now knowing these criticisms come from my own personal insecurities.
  • I get criticised, now knowing those criticisms come from other's own personal insecurities.
  • Living my own life and doing my own thing, will help me ignore negative criticism. My skin needs a bit of toughening, but that will come from my own persistance to become a stronger person. When someone feels the need to critisize my life, they will either get an ear full or a "thanks, but no thanks."
I took this from Women's Day magazine. It got me thinking, I need to learn to Let Go of all those unwanted or negative things in my life.

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