Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone has an amazing 4th of July! Great day to be an American for sure! Be sure to take a moment and thank all those past and present soldiers to have defended our freedom and brought us where we are today!

So it seems I have been missing from my blog for the past month almost! So I will just list a few things...

1. We had an amazing trip to MN visiting with family and a few friends! We got back to Germany a day late due to mechanical problems on the airplane.

2. We've been back almost 2 weeks and have been so busy with life!

3. The pool will become our life this summer.

4. I quit my job at SCU and plan to just work at Chili's so I can have more money and time off for some traveling!

5. T is busy with work and has a summer full of training, schools, and the famous road march in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

6. We planned our trip to Eidelweiss, to spend a few days together before T leaves for traning in August!

7. I have a new found love for cupcake decorating, and would love to make it a weekly habit! Pictures will be posted soon! :)

8. B turned 3 years old on the 24th of June! (No party yet, but planning one this month!)

9. I have once again become obsessed with shoes and shopping, which will definitely test my ability to control my "swiping".

10. My husband can cook! Boy oh boy, can he cook! He made us lumpia and pancit (Filipino food) tonight, delicious!

Okay, well that's it for now! I'll try to get some new photos up of our trip to MN and my awesome cupcakes!

Oh yea, if you read my blog, save up some money and come visit us!! We leave here in just a year, going who knows where! We would love some friendly faces to visit!

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