Saturday, July 31, 2010


We took Miss B to see Shrek 4 today! She was pretty good all the way through! It was cute for sure! Not as good as the first 2 movies, but still cute! :) We had our popcorn and soda and were set for the movie!

So now that I am back at work on the weekend, I forgot forgot forgot how shady some people can be at that place! SO I was one of the last people to have tables in the restaurant. We have someone who cleans the server stations at the end of the night, and anyone who knows how to do their job, knows that they usually need to be done again after the customers have left. Well since I will still working, I put my trash in the trash bin at that station that was already cleaned, assuming it was going to get done again. Well this ASS decided, instead of doing his required job, to dump ALL the trash on ALL of my tables. Who in their right mind things this is okay? I have never been so disrespected by someone so shady like that. How does someone even do that to another person? AND than this person comes out screaming my name from the kitchen, threatening me with more work if I don't get in the office ASAP. FOr real, where do these effing people come from and why is it necessary to speak to someone in such a demeaning manner! WTH!

And on top of that, some stupid person door dings our car today, multiple times, and obviously drives away! We spent a lot of money on our car, and not for other's to treat it like crap! I HATE people here and can not wait to leave! UGH!

Okay so I am done now. Just neeeded to get that off my chest!

Congrats to Jenn and Erin, the ONLY two who commented/followed my blog this week! I appreciate it and all thos who read my blog! :)

Hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am, but don't worry, next week will be great! We are going on out vacation to the alps! Can't waaiiit!!

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