Monday, July 12, 2010

PicniK Photos...

Here is another I played around with. This is Tuan and I in Stuttgart, Germany in May at the Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It's supossed to be a fancy focal shot. I thought it looked pretty neat!

I am hoping to work on a few more photos! :) It's fun but a bit time consuming (mostly because I am a perfectionist).

Here is a photo I edited with the website. I love it! It's fun playing around with different colors, decorations, and such with the photos! I made this one the other night for Tuan. It is from our trip in March down the Rhine River in Germany! :) Peace is the new sign in our house! (Thank goodness it's not the middle finger! :p

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent the weekend working as usuaL! I have one last full week of work at the CU and than I am done! SO dang excited! I am sure I state that in all of my previous blogs! Today B and I have the day off, so we are planning to get our hair cut and possibly get some new toy ponies! :) And of course make a trip to the Commissary to get some strawberries and milk! B and I have eatin hundreds of strawberris this past week! :) Delicious!

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