Thursday, June 18, 2009

...sometimes love comes around...

That would be the lyrics to my new favorite song by Keri Hilson, called Knock you down. Lovee it!
Just thought I would update a bit since it has been awhile and alot has happend in the past few weeks so I have more to write about! We will start with today! Tuan, Briahna and I took our first trip in Germany. We drove to Heidelberg, which is about an hour away or so. It was gorgeous! We went to see the castle and the zoo. The view from the top was amazing! We will def. go again, but maybe a day trip without Briahna. She definitely doesn't enjoy all of that like I do! She was very interested in the rocks more than anything! She had a great time at the zoo too! We saw lions, tigers, bears, elephants, antelope giving birth, and chimps with tumors on the bootys! It was def. better than the last zoo we went to! Tuan is hoping to get reassigned there, okay well I am hoping he does. I would def. love to be there, way more than I enjoy being here. For some reason, AF bases are NOT for me!

I saw Hinder in concert in the beginning of June. It was pretty awesome, the crowd was small and it was FREE! I had my fist taste of Bitburger, German beer. Def. not my favorite! I also took briahna to the pool the other day. German pools are like a maze. You pay to get in of course, than go through door after door to get to the actual pool, and ps they don't allow flops...GROSS! But on the upside, they had 3 indoor pools, and 4 outdoor pools, slides, high dives, toddler areas, water game areas, huge lawn for sun baking, and a snack bar! What else could u ask for! Well on the day we went it was raning, so we didn't go outside but still! That day it down poured non=stop from 11a-after midnight. Ah!

Work is going well, i guess! I have been making decent tips, but definitely over worked! I am one of the few with an actual family, so most people that work there don't understand what it's like trying to find babysitters or shift coverage due to military! Who knew people could be so heartless when it comes to situations like that! But I still do my best when I can!

I recently painted my kitchen a light green color, my first project, um.. ever! It looks pretty nice! i was proud! My next project is my front garden type thing, and my back patio...I want to make them presentable and if the patio/lawn were nice, I would be more inclined to take Briahna out there during the day, but at the moment, it is quite nasty!

Briahna is doing wonderfuL! She turns 2 on the 24th! I can't believe how time flys! She is extremely smart for her age and shocks me with something new everyday! She can count to 14 all by her self, and is slowly learning the ABC's and colors. Her favorite pastime lately has been playing with rocks, coloring, and babies! I think she might be a runner when she gets older, that girl can almost outrun me. And most of you know that I am a runner! Oh and she loves Elmo and Abby Caddabby! I got her the cutest little dabby doll for her birthday ha! :D She is definitely spoiled with my love :D! We got her hair cute a few weeks ago, that girl was so scared! She cried and cried when she saw those scissors! But by the end she was better!

Hm. Not to much else on my mind right now! Briahna and I will be home in August! Sooooo excited! Can't wait to see the family and be in America! Yummy fatty food--here I come!