Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Briahna!!

Well today is Briahna's birthday. She is 1! I can't believe it has been a year already since she was born. Aw she is just wonderful. We didn't really do anything special today, since we are currently in the middle of moving. We have been staying at a friends place since we don't have our house anymore. But yea he made Bri a cake! It was too cute. We also got her a small toy that it able to travel with us (its an an elephant thing with shapes) and a few books. And we also have a few more for her real birthday party in MN.

Well we are homeless until July 8 when we arrive in Germany!!! We cleared our house today and are finally leaving Fort Irwin tomorrow! We will probably head to the OC for a few days and on Friday, we are going to Arizona to visit Tuan's family. Than on Sunday evening, flying to Mn to visit my family for a week. We'll be having Bri's real party there. I am exciting!!

We have all been a bit stressed this past week. moving sure takes alot outta us! Even Bri has been extra fussy since she has been out of her normal routine! But she is still busy and happy!!

Um anything else?? I can't think of much. I applied for a few medical secretary jobs at the Landstuhl Hospital in Germany. I am waiting on a response from them. I am one of the final candidates for one of the jobs and am still waiting for them to make their decision. If I get it, that would be pretty exciting!! :D So yea... thats all here! We'l keep everyone updated with more info as to where we are and addresses and phone numbers and such.. It is still the same now but in Germany, we wil have to get new phones and such so yea.. just keep checkin in! Miss u! see ya all soon!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Almost Time To Move....

So Its been a while since I wrote....

Last weekend Tuan, Briahna, and I went down to Orange Co. to hang out. We of course had to get some crawfish! Tuan and I went to the beach for a few hours and got BURNT! But it was a fun relaxing time...We went to Marshals and got Bri her birthday gifts...We also went to see the movie "You don't mess with Zohan" It was okay.. not the best Adam Sandler movie. On Sunday, we went to eat for Father's day at a Vietnamese restaraunt and went to the Asian mall and bought Briahna a gold necklace with a "B" charm on it for her birthday. It is pretty cute! Ill post a picture later. We got back in time to watch the Lakers kick some celtics butt. But sadly, the Celtics won on Tuesday and are the NBA champs.. MAybe next time LAkers!

This week we have been gettin ready to move and pack up all our stuff. The movers come tomorrow (Thursday) so we won't have much left after that. We are leaving next week to go to AZ for a few days than to MN for a week.. than off to Germany!!

Today we took Bri to the pool for the first time. I think Tuan and I had more fun than she did. We got her a little floating crab for her to play in but she didn't seem to thrilled! When we were gettin ready to go she was havin more fun playin with some toys and floating beach balls. Maybe if we go this weekend she will enjoy it!

Nothin else too exciting! Bri will be 1 on the 24th! so that will be exciting! She has grown so fast AH!! hopefully when you see her, she will be talkin a lil more and show you that she can say "hi" and wave...

See you all soon...gotta go pack!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

16 days til MN...

Well, it's been a while since I have written anything! Nothing too exciting this week. I basically finished up school work and got ready for our yard sale we had today. We made a decent amount but only had a few stoppers... If tuan's car doesn't get fixed tonight (brakes are mega bad!)...than we will try again with the yard sale tomorrow! I wanna get rid of EVERYTHING! We had a lot of good stuff out there butpeople just kept drivin by! So maybe if we do it on Saturday, we will have better luck! Hopefully too we can finally make it out to the OC this weekend. I really want to go to the ocean and see tuans mom and go eat CRAW FISH!! Its been almost a month since I had that! AH! i love it! Hmm.. what else is new? I don't really have anything special for fathers day for Tuan. But I don't know what to get him! He is very picky!! But hopefully I can take him out for Dad's day or something!

Briahna is being busy as usual! She is at her last day of day care today! all of the workers are sad to see her go! It was good to have a nice place to go, since it was so hard leaving Diane's. But all is good!

Well thats all for now i guess... oh yea... GO LAKERS!! see u all soon! love and miss!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

...so productive...

So I just wanted to let you all know that I have been blessed by the lightning bolt! I have been so full of energy lately, it's quite new to me! Today I cleaned my whole downstairs and bedroom. And they were quite dirty I may add. But I did it and now it looks wonderful! I also got all of Bri's birthday invites done and ready to drop in the mail today! (Everyone should know how slow I am at getting invites and thank you's out!) I also have been workin on major school work! So many tests and so much research to do! But I am almost done! About 2 more days and I should be complete!

We are having our first yard sale this weekend.. Tuan is SO excited!! Weird huh... But hopefully we can sell everything, I really don't want to bring any of that stuff with to Germany! But we'll see!

We went to Barstow yesterday. We went to Tanger, which is an outlet mall. First of all, what kind of outlet mall has Michael Kors?? I walked in and nothing in that store was under $300! No lie! I was like WOW...leaving now! And Second, all we could think was "how rude!" Some people were so rude, it was amazing!! Definately no Minnesota Nice out here! But other than that, we had a good time getting away from post and eating at In&Out Burger... AH i love that place!!

Well soon we will be in MN again and on our way to Germany! See everyone soon! Enjoy your summer!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A trip to good ol' Minne!

Here are a few pictures from Minnesota!! We had a good time seeing friends and family! Bri's first thing was to crawl in the toy box AS SOON as we got to my parents house. She also had a lil birthday with Diane. She got Mickey and Minne Mouse. My dad and I took her to Lego Land in the MOA... she liked it but I didn't cuz it was so dirty! She also played in the grass for the first time! The picture of my friends and I is at Kayla's bar. $1.50 for a mug of beer... can't beat it! Ha! well I enjoyed my time out there! And can't wait to go back soon!