Monday, June 9, 2008 productive...

So I just wanted to let you all know that I have been blessed by the lightning bolt! I have been so full of energy lately, it's quite new to me! Today I cleaned my whole downstairs and bedroom. And they were quite dirty I may add. But I did it and now it looks wonderful! I also got all of Bri's birthday invites done and ready to drop in the mail today! (Everyone should know how slow I am at getting invites and thank you's out!) I also have been workin on major school work! So many tests and so much research to do! But I am almost done! About 2 more days and I should be complete!

We are having our first yard sale this weekend.. Tuan is SO excited!! Weird huh... But hopefully we can sell everything, I really don't want to bring any of that stuff with to Germany! But we'll see!

We went to Barstow yesterday. We went to Tanger, which is an outlet mall. First of all, what kind of outlet mall has Michael Kors?? I walked in and nothing in that store was under $300! No lie! I was like WOW...leaving now! And Second, all we could think was "how rude!" Some people were so rude, it was amazing!! Definately no Minnesota Nice out here! But other than that, we had a good time getting away from post and eating at In&Out Burger... AH i love that place!!

Well soon we will be in MN again and on our way to Germany! See everyone soon! Enjoy your summer!

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