Friday, June 13, 2008

16 days til MN...

Well, it's been a while since I have written anything! Nothing too exciting this week. I basically finished up school work and got ready for our yard sale we had today. We made a decent amount but only had a few stoppers... If tuan's car doesn't get fixed tonight (brakes are mega bad!)...than we will try again with the yard sale tomorrow! I wanna get rid of EVERYTHING! We had a lot of good stuff out there butpeople just kept drivin by! So maybe if we do it on Saturday, we will have better luck! Hopefully too we can finally make it out to the OC this weekend. I really want to go to the ocean and see tuans mom and go eat CRAW FISH!! Its been almost a month since I had that! AH! i love it! Hmm.. what else is new? I don't really have anything special for fathers day for Tuan. But I don't know what to get him! He is very picky!! But hopefully I can take him out for Dad's day or something!

Briahna is being busy as usual! She is at her last day of day care today! all of the workers are sad to see her go! It was good to have a nice place to go, since it was so hard leaving Diane's. But all is good!

Well thats all for now i guess... oh yea... GO LAKERS!! see u all soon! love and miss!!

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Anonymous said...

I got Bri's b-day invitiation yesterday! very cute, I'm going to try and make it! love you dear.