Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Briahna!!

Well today is Briahna's birthday. She is 1! I can't believe it has been a year already since she was born. Aw she is just wonderful. We didn't really do anything special today, since we are currently in the middle of moving. We have been staying at a friends place since we don't have our house anymore. But yea he made Bri a cake! It was too cute. We also got her a small toy that it able to travel with us (its an an elephant thing with shapes) and a few books. And we also have a few more for her real birthday party in MN.

Well we are homeless until July 8 when we arrive in Germany!!! We cleared our house today and are finally leaving Fort Irwin tomorrow! We will probably head to the OC for a few days and on Friday, we are going to Arizona to visit Tuan's family. Than on Sunday evening, flying to Mn to visit my family for a week. We'll be having Bri's real party there. I am exciting!!

We have all been a bit stressed this past week. moving sure takes alot outta us! Even Bri has been extra fussy since she has been out of her normal routine! But she is still busy and happy!!

Um anything else?? I can't think of much. I applied for a few medical secretary jobs at the Landstuhl Hospital in Germany. I am waiting on a response from them. I am one of the final candidates for one of the jobs and am still waiting for them to make their decision. If I get it, that would be pretty exciting!! :D So yea... thats all here! We'l keep everyone updated with more info as to where we are and addresses and phone numbers and such.. It is still the same now but in Germany, we wil have to get new phones and such so yea.. just keep checkin in! Miss u! see ya all soon!

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InkyAndScrappy said...

Happy Birthday Bri. sad no more baby now a toddler. oh well I will still call her baby. can't wait to see you all soon. Hugs.