Sunday, February 28, 2010


Those would be the words of B's new song! We are officially done with day 3 of potty training. B is adjusting to her "dora panties" very well. Of course we had a few accidents, but she is really learning! We are SO proud of her! T has been home with her, so he actually gets most of the credit! He is doing a wonderful job! He even took her to the store to pick out some pony and tinker bell panties! It definitely motivates her to keep dry! We aren't really pressuring her into it, just testing the waters with no diaper while she is at home. All I can say, is that I am so very proud of her! She is of course, still a monster! She is busy busy busy non-stop! We finally got her over her pneumonia spell. And it only lasted a good week or so, and she was back to normal! :D

Some random bits of information and recent updates::::

I have been busy working at the bank and the restaruant. Trying to save up to come home and do some traveling this spring! I am hoping to make a trip to Italy to see some friends and the MIL is coming to visit, so we have to plan some trips when she is here as well! I am a bit excited to see some familiar faces! I also started class again, I enjoy this class much more than the others. I am hoping the rest of the classes get better!

On a poor note, I have NOT been to the gym for 2 weeks! Shame on me yes, there is no way I will be able to run a race if I can't get my booty to the gym! I have been so exhausted lately, and just want to rest at home! But this week, I have some extra days off, hopefully I can make it and start running! Better yet, I hope  the weather is nice and I can start running outside and taking Briahna to the park!

And another poor note, I have recently went on a spending binge! I bought 5 pairs of shoes last week, a new purse, make-up, and about 5 outfits for B online! And I have to search for a B-day gift for T! What the heck do I get a 23 yr old guy for his birthday! I am definitely horrible at gift giving for men! Any ideas? Let me know!

The following pictures are of the German Fasching Parade in Ramstein. It is like Halloween for them, they dress up crazy, drink alot, throw candy, and yell "HALLO" to get candy. Note: Only fun if you're intoxicated without children.
The about photo: some creepy clowns in a pretty good marching band.
The picture below: the Fasching mascot I am assuming, it was on all the Fasching signs! Just like our Halloween with the black cat.
And the last picture: Tuan and his friends all dressed up for the big Fasching party that was across the street from our house. It was definitely a good time for them, not for the mom though! :D

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend and hope Spring approaches us all sooner than later! I miss everyone back home and can't wait to come visit! Don't forget to thank all of those past, present, and future members of the United States Military for their service to our country! God bless all of you!

Mother Nature...We have a love-hate relationship these days

I have never been one to really complain about the weather, but as of late, it is really not in my favor. The weather here in a Germany is a bit different than that of Minnesota or California. Quite different actually. This is a country filled with clouds and rain more than half the year. This past winter was unusual for the area, we had several snow days and cancellations due to the dangerous weather. Being from MN it was nothing to me, but unusual for the place. It even RAINS in the winter, hense closures for icey roads! Anyways, the reason I am having an unhappy relationship with mother-nature today, is that WIND! So I recently read about the earthquake that devastated yet another country, and the tsunami weather that followed. So the wind we had today, was yes, hurricane status. 22 people were killed between France, Spain, and Portugal. We didn't get that worst winds, but we lost quite a few trees, the golf course was demolished, and cars were damaged due to falling trees. I was thinking to myself, what if these winds we receieved today, had something to do with the earthquake in Chile. Mother Nature has caused some pretty horrific disasters recently. It is quite frightening to think of what's next. Is there anyone to blame in these instances? I am no scientist, but there is no doubt in my mind, that HUMANS are to blame for the recent Global Warming fiascos. Perhaps I am a worry-wart, okay I am, but why is it so hard for us to at ease on the horrible things we are doing to our earth. I may not be the best recycler or going-greener, but I sure try when I can. I have cut back on many things I have done that were definitatly not good for this earth. But it has to be a MAJOR change, from EVERYONE to even make a dent in saving our planet. But anyways, that's all I have for that! Just my recent thoughts!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics...

So I had NO idea the Winter Olympics had started! Well anyways, I happened to turn the tv on during one of the women's hockey games, I think Sweden vs. whoever ha! I was more interested in the women's game than I have ever been in men's hockey...and I think it mostly has to do with the fact that we expect men to be good if they are playing on tv. I haven't actually watched women's hockey on tv, and am quite interested. It is pretty awesome watching how talented and skilled these young girls are. As I sit here listening to the game, I am missing hockey terribly. I haven't put on a pair of skates in years :(. Most of these girls were born in the 90's. How old does that make me feel? OLD! And many of the girls playing this year, are on their 3rd or 4th year! It makes me sad though at the same time, I could have pushed myself and worked hard enough to have reached a goal like that, to play in the olympics. My sister, however, did work that hard and push herself to the next level. She tried out for the US women's team. She didn't make it the first time, but there is no doubt in my mind that she could have made it if she tried again. The goalie on the Sweden team, actually plays for the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs! That was always a dream, to play college hockey! But I just wasn't dedicated at the time! Well enough of that, I missed out on that dream, but am ready to continue with my new ones! Which happends to be marathons. I am planning to run a few races this spring/summer. I am really hoping to run the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth in June this year! Let's hope I can make it back home to MN to run it! :D Anyways, have a good weekend everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a sad day in the neighborhood...

Okay, well not that sad, but I am just having one of those mornings! (It's not even 10am yet.) Ugh, perhaps I am just feeling sad for myself, with no reason at all really. I have come to wonder though, am I very unlikeable? Or do I appear to people as not a good person? Or am I just being too sensitive and over-exagerating the whole thing. Well either way, I am bummed. And I have decided today, that I will NOT be attending my 10 year HS reunion, and I will NEVER again live in Litchfield. That may perhaps be one of the worst places to live. After being away from "home" for so long, I will never live in a small town again. I may chose to live in MN again, but definitely in the city or right outside. I'm just needed time to vent, and this is the only place I can do it at this time of day!

Adding to my sad day, my baby has a mean cough and runny nose! Last night she had a temp of 104! My poor girl, at least she is doing much better this morning! :D She is about to go play with a new friend, and experience with a new sitter. Let's hope it goes well, which I am sure it will!

So I am now working at Service Credit union as some of you know, and we have a lot of birthdays, baby showers, and pot-lucks coming up. They are requesting donations for EVERY event, how do I know how much is enough to donate, as I am struggling for money myself? I would feel quite bad if I didn't donate, but how much is enough or not? Any suggestions would help me out! :D

Well last weekend Tuan and I attended a marriage retreat in Garmisch, Germany. One of the most gorgeous cities next to the Alps. It reminded me a bit of Colorado. Anywho, it was a nice vacation! Briahna joined us, and they offered free child-care! We deffinitely couldn't turn that down! We also visited Munich. The pictures are just of the hotel view of the mountains and some buildings in Munich. It was a nice city, but too cold to really explore! Maybe this summer!
This picture of the sign was mostly for Dachau. Just driving through that area gave me the chills. I really wanted to visit the camp, but I wasn't ready. That whole place gave me the chills, and it was hard to believe what actually happened there, as well as in Munich. It is pretty crazy to know that somethin like that happened so close to where I live and stayed. But I do hope to go back and visit some day!

Well I guess that's all I have for now! We are still trying to make it back home in June, but we'll see how that goes! Anwyays, miss everyone and thanks for letting me vent a bit! Til next time...