Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mother Nature...We have a love-hate relationship these days

I have never been one to really complain about the weather, but as of late, it is really not in my favor. The weather here in a Germany is a bit different than that of Minnesota or California. Quite different actually. This is a country filled with clouds and rain more than half the year. This past winter was unusual for the area, we had several snow days and cancellations due to the dangerous weather. Being from MN it was nothing to me, but unusual for the place. It even RAINS in the winter, hense closures for icey roads! Anyways, the reason I am having an unhappy relationship with mother-nature today, is that WIND! So I recently read about the earthquake that devastated yet another country, and the tsunami weather that followed. So the wind we had today, was yes, hurricane status. 22 people were killed between France, Spain, and Portugal. We didn't get that worst winds, but we lost quite a few trees, the golf course was demolished, and cars were damaged due to falling trees. I was thinking to myself, what if these winds we receieved today, had something to do with the earthquake in Chile. Mother Nature has caused some pretty horrific disasters recently. It is quite frightening to think of what's next. Is there anyone to blame in these instances? I am no scientist, but there is no doubt in my mind, that HUMANS are to blame for the recent Global Warming fiascos. Perhaps I am a worry-wart, okay I am, but why is it so hard for us to at ease on the horrible things we are doing to our earth. I may not be the best recycler or going-greener, but I sure try when I can. I have cut back on many things I have done that were definitatly not good for this earth. But it has to be a MAJOR change, from EVERYONE to even make a dent in saving our planet. But anyways, that's all I have for that! Just my recent thoughts!

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