Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm still alive...

Well not sure many people actually read my blog but yea! I'm still alive. Have been either to busy or just avoiding writing my life story (Probably the second one). Mostly because it's not all that interesting!

Briahna and I just got back from the wonderful USA! As much as the economy sucks right now, I would much rather be there near my family! It's never fun being away! We had such a great time home with my parents, family, and friends! My sister even snuck home to visit! That definitely made my trip much more memorable! Briahna was now old enough to run around with Bud and Dude too! I had a great time visiting with the cousins and the few other people I got to see! All and all it was wonderful! Well, except for my bank account, but we won't discuss that! Ha!

We didn't do a large amount of traveling while we were home, but definitely enough to keep busy! Of course we went to the zoo, if anyone was wondering! I think I am more amazed thanBriahna though! My mother and I did alot of shopping as well, hence the damaged bank account! My dad took the day off, yes a day off, and took Briahna and I to the state fair! We had some fried stuff and checked out the animal barns! Oh, and John was never free from his phone for more than 30 minutes! :D For my birthday, my friends and I went to the Vikings Vs. Cowboys game! Very fun! And most of the time we just spent time home, hanging out with the fam and such!

But we are back now and getting adjusted! Tuan is in Denmark working, so it's been over a month since we have seen him! And we are missin him! But he should be back next week, so that will be nice! anyways, I don't have much else to say! Ill post pictures soon and write something worthwhile soon!