Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can you say BUSY!

Well I tried to flip this picture again and for some reason I can never get them to flip! But I love this picture! Briahna looks like she is ready for school ha!
This is Tuan and his new car! He is in love all over again...with the car that is!

Well I seem to have forgotten what it feels like to be busy! I finally started working at Chili's as a server. So far, I love it! But I am sure that will change as time goes on! ha! Tonight will be my 3rd night! I am still considered a Trainee but soon will be on my own! Anyways, back to being busy...now that I am working, it seems there is just not enough time in the day! Yesterday (Monday) I had a MOPS meeting, phone calls, and a plethra of school work, and than actual work! I started my day out at 8a and got home and was sleeping after mid-night! That used to be my schedule before I became a mom, but this old girl can't do that anymore! Let's just say I got up this morning to the doorbell and went straight back to sleep..well for a few mins anyways! I was so tired my eyes actually hurt ha! But it was all good. We finally go our new stove and dishwasher! No more hand washing! You have no idea how happy we were to get it! It makes our kitchen look a little more fancy ha!

Well I can officially drive a stick shift without hardly any trouble! I was so proud driving to work yesterday, and I drove in the dark for my first time in Germany. It is difficult because there are no no no street lights! But I made it! Well I can't think of much else...I can't believe it is almost October already! We are still hoping to come home for Chrstmas, just working on coming up with the funds! Hope all is well with everyone! Miss you all! :D Much love!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A day of dino-mite!

Here is Tuan and Briahna with the GIANT dinosaur! I hope to upload all of the pictures to snapfish and get a group code so you can all check them out! But that is for another time when I am up to it ha! Below is a gorgeous flower. It was probably the size of my head! Ha! It was huge but ah I wanted to keep one!

Today was our first official day of some sort of German site seeing! It was nothing special, just a trip to the Gartenshau Kaiserslautern. Really all it is, is a park with giant dinosaur statues and flower gardens. It was nice to see something new for a change. Briahna loved the stoller ride but was terrified of the dinosaurs! She cried when she touched one or was left near one! So sad but a good day anyways.
Not much is new in our world. I went shopping the other day! ONLINE...that is the best I can do since everything is so expensive here. I did however get free shipping or at least 15% off on everyting so that was nice. Hopefully I will get most of it by the weekend! I can't wait to have new clothes! :D Our house if finally looking better! Just a few things laying around here and there yet just waitin to find a place to be. Tuan is upstairs putting his clothes away, who knew he would have MORE MORE ANDMORE clothes than me! It really isc razy! He even has more shoes than I do! But don't worry, I bought some new ones to add to my collection! Ha! I went to a mini wine festival today and tasted a few wines. Moscoto is truly my favorite, thanks to my mom! Love that stuff! Haven't bought any tho cuz I have no reason to be drinking it!

Tuan and I took Bri to the park the other day, she loves it! She seems so brave climbing all over the place! She even goes down the slides by herself! But someones I like to hop on a few times too! One thing she hates is the swing! She won't ever sit in it! But as long as she is running around and exploring, that's all okay with mom! She is saying new words now other than kitty and doggy and puppy! Everyone and everything is daddy lately! And she repeats "Thank you" but it sounds more like "teeetchoo" haha.. its too cute tho! and She likes to say "no mo" I don't think she really is saying no more but its funny anyways! She just amazes me everyday!

Well that is all for now! I miss everyone and hope all is well back in the states! I can't wait to come home and praying to be home over Christmas with all of you! Take care and love all of u!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Another day with no pictures..Sorry!

Well my weekend is over! Thank goodness! Nothing wrong with it, but I am just looking forward to the week. Tomorrow I have my first MOPS meeting! I am excited to meet some new moms! Hopefully some my age! I also have an appointment for my last bits of paperwork, before I can finally start working. I love spending time at home with Briahna, but I can see that sometimes it's not becomming a good habit. She is getting very clingy. Because when she cries, I am always right there. I sit on the floor to watch tv. I put off doing anything until she is sleeping or daddy is home. And when he is home, it is still a battle, getting her to be by her self or with daddy. She does play by her self when it is just daddy. But with me, she is ALWAYS by me. And I want/need her to be a little less clingy (only a lil tho :D) ! Just for a little peace of mind. I hardly ever get a moment to myself, UNLESS it is the shower. And that is one in a million! When I do get time to myself during her naps, it is spend cleaning up, or doing school work! Hopefully, we will get our car thisweek so I can go to the gym or just out for a while! For all those who stay at home, I give you props! Like I said, I love being homeand love Miss Briahna, but like anyone, I need time to myself just once in a while!!

But other than that, all is going well. Tuan has been working all week. He seems to enjoy it and he seems to be in a good mood when he comes home. I think he enjoys his work! :D Which is a good sign. Briahna is always wonderful. She is officially off the bottle and goes to sleep within 5-10 mins of laying down! She brushes her teeth, washes her hands, and helps dress/undress herself! She is growing up soo fast! Love her!

But I guess that is about it! Miss everyone! Hope to talk to u guys soon! Take carE!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Birthday...come...and gone...

Well, I am another year oldeR! Who knew I would be 22, married with child, and living across the world! I sure didn't! But am blessed with everything I have! I spent most of my birthday at home during the day, doing hardly anything! Tuan got the afternoon off, so we went onto base to the BXand such. Got some new make-up to make my face look a bit better! It has gotten horrible since we got here. We came back to the house and than went to eat in Landstuhl. We went to this yummy Asian place and than to an ice cream shop! De-lish! I will post pics when I get them uploaded. Briahna likes to push buttons and pushed my power button a bunch of times and my comptuer crashed today! We spent the whole afternoon backing up all my files and praying I didn't lose my pictures. As of right now, i still can't get them back from the back up disk! So we will see..

I am getting closer to getting my job. Still filling out crazy paper work. They want all the details of my life! its insane! But at least i will be working. I also joined the MOPS group. Mothers of Preeschoolers. It starts Monday, so that should be fun! We should be getting our car this week too. It is taking forever, and making me stay in the house longer! ha! so stressful sometimes! my schooling is going well, but now I have to re-do everything I had already done! But oh well, easy stuff! Well Thats all for now! love and miss everyone! hope to call soon!