Sunday, September 14, 2008

A day of dino-mite!

Here is Tuan and Briahna with the GIANT dinosaur! I hope to upload all of the pictures to snapfish and get a group code so you can all check them out! But that is for another time when I am up to it ha! Below is a gorgeous flower. It was probably the size of my head! Ha! It was huge but ah I wanted to keep one!

Today was our first official day of some sort of German site seeing! It was nothing special, just a trip to the Gartenshau Kaiserslautern. Really all it is, is a park with giant dinosaur statues and flower gardens. It was nice to see something new for a change. Briahna loved the stoller ride but was terrified of the dinosaurs! She cried when she touched one or was left near one! So sad but a good day anyways.
Not much is new in our world. I went shopping the other day! ONLINE...that is the best I can do since everything is so expensive here. I did however get free shipping or at least 15% off on everyting so that was nice. Hopefully I will get most of it by the weekend! I can't wait to have new clothes! :D Our house if finally looking better! Just a few things laying around here and there yet just waitin to find a place to be. Tuan is upstairs putting his clothes away, who knew he would have MORE MORE ANDMORE clothes than me! It really isc razy! He even has more shoes than I do! But don't worry, I bought some new ones to add to my collection! Ha! I went to a mini wine festival today and tasted a few wines. Moscoto is truly my favorite, thanks to my mom! Love that stuff! Haven't bought any tho cuz I have no reason to be drinking it!

Tuan and I took Bri to the park the other day, she loves it! She seems so brave climbing all over the place! She even goes down the slides by herself! But someones I like to hop on a few times too! One thing she hates is the swing! She won't ever sit in it! But as long as she is running around and exploring, that's all okay with mom! She is saying new words now other than kitty and doggy and puppy! Everyone and everything is daddy lately! And she repeats "Thank you" but it sounds more like "teeetchoo" haha.. its too cute tho! and She likes to say "no mo" I don't think she really is saying no more but its funny anyways! She just amazes me everyday!

Well that is all for now! I miss everyone and hope all is well back in the states! I can't wait to come home and praying to be home over Christmas with all of you! Take care and love all of u!


Alyssa said...

Ashly - what a beautiful little girl you have!!!! Such a blessing.

My blog was in regards to the fact that a lot of people don't know that I left the relationship I was in.

And really looking back at that blog, I went was all over.. I guess that's what happens when you are wide awake at 3am and typing!

The girls & I sent your package this morning! Madycin had so much fun looking for things for Bri! Let me know when it arrives.

Sending hugs from Minnesota

InkyAndScrappy said...

Happy belated Birthday. I will get a card out before next year, maybe. Tell that little stinker putter to quit getting so darn stanking CUTE! We miss and love ya. Hugs, Jaime