Sunday, September 7, 2008


Another day with no pictures..Sorry!

Well my weekend is over! Thank goodness! Nothing wrong with it, but I am just looking forward to the week. Tomorrow I have my first MOPS meeting! I am excited to meet some new moms! Hopefully some my age! I also have an appointment for my last bits of paperwork, before I can finally start working. I love spending time at home with Briahna, but I can see that sometimes it's not becomming a good habit. She is getting very clingy. Because when she cries, I am always right there. I sit on the floor to watch tv. I put off doing anything until she is sleeping or daddy is home. And when he is home, it is still a battle, getting her to be by her self or with daddy. She does play by her self when it is just daddy. But with me, she is ALWAYS by me. And I want/need her to be a little less clingy (only a lil tho :D) ! Just for a little peace of mind. I hardly ever get a moment to myself, UNLESS it is the shower. And that is one in a million! When I do get time to myself during her naps, it is spend cleaning up, or doing school work! Hopefully, we will get our car thisweek so I can go to the gym or just out for a while! For all those who stay at home, I give you props! Like I said, I love being homeand love Miss Briahna, but like anyone, I need time to myself just once in a while!!

But other than that, all is going well. Tuan has been working all week. He seems to enjoy it and he seems to be in a good mood when he comes home. I think he enjoys his work! :D Which is a good sign. Briahna is always wonderful. She is officially off the bottle and goes to sleep within 5-10 mins of laying down! She brushes her teeth, washes her hands, and helps dress/undress herself! She is growing up soo fast! Love her!

But I guess that is about it! Miss everyone! Hope to talk to u guys soon! Take carE!

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