Friday, September 5, 2008

Another Birthday...come...and gone...

Well, I am another year oldeR! Who knew I would be 22, married with child, and living across the world! I sure didn't! But am blessed with everything I have! I spent most of my birthday at home during the day, doing hardly anything! Tuan got the afternoon off, so we went onto base to the BXand such. Got some new make-up to make my face look a bit better! It has gotten horrible since we got here. We came back to the house and than went to eat in Landstuhl. We went to this yummy Asian place and than to an ice cream shop! De-lish! I will post pics when I get them uploaded. Briahna likes to push buttons and pushed my power button a bunch of times and my comptuer crashed today! We spent the whole afternoon backing up all my files and praying I didn't lose my pictures. As of right now, i still can't get them back from the back up disk! So we will see..

I am getting closer to getting my job. Still filling out crazy paper work. They want all the details of my life! its insane! But at least i will be working. I also joined the MOPS group. Mothers of Preeschoolers. It starts Monday, so that should be fun! We should be getting our car this week too. It is taking forever, and making me stay in the house longer! ha! so stressful sometimes! my schooling is going well, but now I have to re-do everything I had already done! But oh well, easy stuff! Well Thats all for now! love and miss everyone! hope to call soon!

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Lynn said... so sorry we missed dinner and ice cream. We'll have to go get some annother time! Silly lil bri pushin buttons...hope everything comes back!...and when are they gonna give your car...its like a tease sitting at the corner of your street..but u cant have it yet! Have a good to you tom!