Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 7 8 & 9 are over!

One more dat of AT til im home with my littles! And i can get back to my norm!

Where to start? Friday I finally ran 3+ miles without stopping! Slow progress is better than no progress! Tonight (Sunday), I did a quick walk/run/sprint workout...almost 3 miles. I am definitely whipped! Been feeling hella shitty...overworked and sleep deprived!

I was feeling a little down this weekend so I went home Saturday to see my littles for a few hours, miss them so much! My sweet Linc is on the move! Not full crawling but moves himself around with his feet and arms! ♡ him! I had tears watching him.

Today, my mom brought Bri up to see me for just a few hours...went to the craft store and had P.F. Changs...delicious! I definitely needed to see them!

I finally had a chance to have one of my heart to hearts with my dad... I love our conversations and his ability to keep me in perspective and not pass dad ever!

And while I'm loving on my family, I can't forget about Molly! Our conversations quoting Austin Powers and discussing awkward and embarrassing things remind me how awesome and totally weird we are together!

Army news: love my job but I'm only one person and can only do so much! Ugh... burnt out to the max! One more full day of Army then off for a few weeks and back at it in August...

And that's all she wrote...shower time & bed time for this mama!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 4 5 & 6 complete!

We've had some good army training and even better unit camaraderie! I am thankful to have some pretty awesome soldiers and friends in my unit.

I had some good exercise and guidance in the gym and on the PT field. I am definitely hurting...but pain is gain!

This week I went to Pizzeria Lola, best pizza ever! It was on the show Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives...seriously who thought a sunny side up egg would taste so good on a pizza!

I also went out for sushi with two of my favorites. We tried just about everything and for my first time at Masu, I was impressed. It was so damn favorite was the BLT sushi roll. Instead of bacon they used crispy salmon and fish eggs with a hint of cilantro. Orgasms in your mouth for sure! Also had some sticky bun sandwiches, sashimi, nagiri, ramen, pickle platter, grilled zucchini and eggplant, I cant even remember it all. But believe me, I will be going back for sushi!

Tonight I took my friend shopping. She's not like I am, one who loves to shop. But she picked up some cute stuff. I also found some good deals and stocked up on some tops for me and the littles. I love some retail therapy especially at H&M and Francesca's!

4 more days til I'm home with my littles!

Quick brag: Briahna passed swimming lessons and Linc is on the move doing the low crawl getting into things!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 3 of AT complete

Took a trip on a C130 as a mock patient for the medevac squadron. We observed the Air force doing their job as flight medics. It was a great experience! I'm intrigued to potentially change my career path...

We were released early and I came back to my room and slept! I was so tired today I could hardly stand it. I've finally gotten a chance to get a full nights sleep.

Speaking of that, I miss my kiddies! So so much! I called and said goodnight to them and got so sad! I hate being away from them. I'm thankful that I do get to have them on a daily basis, I couldn't imagine not having them. They are in good hands tho, getting in some quality dad and grandma time.

Anyways, its time to get ready for bed! More sleep for this girl!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 2 of AT

Day 2 of AT complete! This cool guy and I got first place in our land navigation course competition!

I just got orders to attend a Suicide Prevention course in Utah! I am extremely proud to be a part of the suicide prevention program but know that it will be a very hard challenge. It is a very touchy subject in the military and something that needs to be taken seriously.

I am also hoping to became a SHARP advocate as well (dealing with sexual harassment).

I am proud of my service and am really looking forward to my military career advancements and achievements!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Luckiest of them all

I am seriously the luckiest mom in the world!
Life gets ridiculously stressful at times and I get overwhelmed, but at the end of the day, I get to come home to these two!I am on Day 1 of Annual training (10 to go) and already missing my babies. Unfortunately my parents weren't able to watch my kids while I am away...but fortunately their dad was able to take leave to be with them. As hard as it is for me to leave them, I have to trust that they are well taken care of. And I know their dad will do his best. I am glad they are able to have their time with him, and they get to see their grandmother (aka bà nôi). Bri hasn't seen her since 2011 and it will be Linc's first time.I want them to experience their Vietnamese customs and culture. It's something I can't give them on my own. Clearly they have it in their blood and their names Thào My (Bri) and Thanh tù (Linc), but I hope they can speak it, enjoy the cuisine, and one day visit Vietnam where Bà nôi was born. I was not aware of all of the customs and hierarchy of their culture. It hindered my relationship with the family so I at least want my kids to know them and have a close relationship with their relatives. Very few kids are lucky to have a diverse upbringing with different nationalities being a direct part of their lives.