Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 7 8 & 9 are over!

One more dat of AT til im home with my littles! And i can get back to my norm!

Where to start? Friday I finally ran 3+ miles without stopping! Slow progress is better than no progress! Tonight (Sunday), I did a quick walk/run/sprint workout...almost 3 miles. I am definitely whipped! Been feeling hella shitty...overworked and sleep deprived!

I was feeling a little down this weekend so I went home Saturday to see my littles for a few hours, miss them so much! My sweet Linc is on the move! Not full crawling but moves himself around with his feet and arms! ♡ him! I had tears watching him.

Today, my mom brought Bri up to see me for just a few hours...went to the craft store and had P.F. Changs...delicious! I definitely needed to see them!

I finally had a chance to have one of my heart to hearts with my dad... I love our conversations and his ability to keep me in perspective and not pass dad ever!

And while I'm loving on my family, I can't forget about Molly! Our conversations quoting Austin Powers and discussing awkward and embarrassing things remind me how awesome and totally weird we are together!

Army news: love my job but I'm only one person and can only do so much! Ugh... burnt out to the max! One more full day of Army then off for a few weeks and back at it in August...

And that's all she wrote...shower time & bed time for this mama!

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