Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My sweet boy is 2 months old! He's stolen my heart with his charm! Love him to pieces!

He's already met the milestones expected at 3 months; I'd say he's going to be a smarty pants like his amazing sister!

I am one blessed momma!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blog challenge: take a look at what you wrote this time last year and expand.

This time last year I was knee deep into my fitness! I had a trainer, was dedicated, and eating healthy. As far as expanding, I really just want to get back the motivation to workout and stay healthy. I want to tone up, build a nice booty, and train for some races!

I read another post and it stated that I jad lost the opportunity to go active duty Army. I still dont have that option as I am currently a single mom. They dont allow that unless you became a single mom after you were already in. But no biggy, I'm doing just fine.

I also wrote that I was becoming legally single. It should have happened then, but the hopes to reconcile came about and we postpone the divorce hearing...only to go through that process all over again in October when it truly did become official.

Needless to say, so much has changed in one year. I am in a place I never anticipated to be. Its a struggle but it is going fine. It could be wOrse, ya know.

Stay tuned for the next challenge...

Friday, February 21, 2014

So my blog is typically just a spot where I vent and complain, it's sort of my therapy. But I will put this out there, for as much as I do complain about how things have been, they really are not so bad. My babies are healthy, I have an amazing supportive family, and a steady income.

It could be worse.

Perhaps i forget that the small negative details are just that, small.

I suppose its just easier to get upset over those small things than it is to be happy about the big things...so I am really going to make an effort to enjoy the good things I've got going on.

To name a few:
-baby Linc is sleeping longer at night and SMILES at me and coos like it's nobodies business! Love him!
-bri is a very smart girl and has been performing very well in school
-i am going to be an aunt! My sister is finally having a baby! :)
-i got back to the gym the other day and can still manage to knock out a few miles without stopping!
-i ordered new boots from Macy's
-tax return is on its way, so many things planned for the unexpected refund
-my neighbor blows the snow from my driveway

There are plenty more but just wanted to name a few...

So with that, I think its time to reduce the negative vibes, energy, and people from my life as much as I can. I can only grow from here and chose to be better. It's all on me...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

So my civilian employer is amazing, my military COC, not so much...

I've loved the Army since day 1, and have tried my best to do well and be better. This weekend was a drill weekend, and by regulation, I dont actually have to be here, but I am and had every intention of being here the whole weekend. Unfortunately, my mom was really sick last minute and unable to watch the kids so I cOuldn't go.

I called in but forgot i also had lodging to cancel. So needless to say, I lost lodging for the next six month due to something completely out of my control. I'm really irritated because I live so f*cling far away that now I have to drive back and forth every.

I have no problem paying the consequences, but a little understanding would be nice. I mean, I shouldn't even be here! In fact, I'm leaving at noon.

I love the army, but not today.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Back to work for this girl! I seriously have the greatest coworkers and supervisors ever! Everyone was so welcoming as I moved to a new department. I couldn't be happier!!

The downfall...Linc has definitely made it clear I shouldn't be at work. Let's just say he's extra fussy and thinks its totally fine to wake up every hour in the night. I can not deal, I'm so exhausted I feel sick. :(

I need this little guy to bare with me and get into a routine so we can all be happy and well rested!

The day in the life of a single mom...