Sunday, February 9, 2014

So my civilian employer is amazing, my military COC, not so much...

I've loved the Army since day 1, and have tried my best to do well and be better. This weekend was a drill weekend, and by regulation, I dont actually have to be here, but I am and had every intention of being here the whole weekend. Unfortunately, my mom was really sick last minute and unable to watch the kids so I cOuldn't go.

I called in but forgot i also had lodging to cancel. So needless to say, I lost lodging for the next six month due to something completely out of my control. I'm really irritated because I live so f*cling far away that now I have to drive back and forth every.

I have no problem paying the consequences, but a little understanding would be nice. I mean, I shouldn't even be here! In fact, I'm leaving at noon.

I love the army, but not today.

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