Friday, February 21, 2014

So my blog is typically just a spot where I vent and complain, it's sort of my therapy. But I will put this out there, for as much as I do complain about how things have been, they really are not so bad. My babies are healthy, I have an amazing supportive family, and a steady income.

It could be worse.

Perhaps i forget that the small negative details are just that, small.

I suppose its just easier to get upset over those small things than it is to be happy about the big I am really going to make an effort to enjoy the good things I've got going on.

To name a few:
-baby Linc is sleeping longer at night and SMILES at me and coos like it's nobodies business! Love him!
-bri is a very smart girl and has been performing very well in school
-i am going to be an aunt! My sister is finally having a baby! :)
-i got back to the gym the other day and can still manage to knock out a few miles without stopping!
-i ordered new boots from Macy's
-tax return is on its way, so many things planned for the unexpected refund
-my neighbor blows the snow from my driveway

There are plenty more but just wanted to name a few...

So with that, I think its time to reduce the negative vibes, energy, and people from my life as much as I can. I can only grow from here and chose to be better. It's all on me...

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