Monday, February 24, 2014

Blog challenge: take a look at what you wrote this time last year and expand.

This time last year I was knee deep into my fitness! I had a trainer, was dedicated, and eating healthy. As far as expanding, I really just want to get back the motivation to workout and stay healthy. I want to tone up, build a nice booty, and train for some races!

I read another post and it stated that I jad lost the opportunity to go active duty Army. I still dont have that option as I am currently a single mom. They dont allow that unless you became a single mom after you were already in. But no biggy, I'm doing just fine.

I also wrote that I was becoming legally single. It should have happened then, but the hopes to reconcile came about and we postpone the divorce hearing...only to go through that process all over again in October when it truly did become official.

Needless to say, so much has changed in one year. I am in a place I never anticipated to be. Its a struggle but it is going fine. It could be wOrse, ya know.

Stay tuned for the next challenge...

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