Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello Oklahoma!

Well, I am in Oklahoma! (I will update more on my trip from Minnesota later!) I traveled on the road with Molly back to her base! I wanted to check out her life-style and see what she does and where she lives. Let me just tell you, I will NEVER live here. Most definitely not in the summer, it is so hot! Even with the wind, you get a HOT breeze, instead of the typical cool breeze! But it's nice visiting my sister! We had an interesting 14 hour drive though! I learned a lot about my quirky little sister! She is growing up and it's hard for me to accept that! I want to be there to protect her and keep her from making mistakes, but I know she is an adult and needs to make those choices on her own! Gosh, I wonder how it will be when B is older too! Wow! :)

Well the main reason for my post, just wanted to jot down so of my new ideas/goals...I have really been thinking about my life lately while I have been home! I really want to find a profession/career or even a dang hobby! Well I have decided that I am going to get into cupcake decorating and possibly floral design/bouquets! I helped my mom do the flowers for my cousins wedding, and I fell in love! I think it would be just a fun hobby to do on the side, or even just to do for my own house! :) I am still researching somethings about it but we shall see!

The cupcake thing has had me hooked for quite a while! I really want to get into decorating, my mom and M are both really creative and crafty, and I think this would help me relate to them more! I have practiced decorating just a bit, with some orange-monsters (supssed to be Elmo) and tried frosting a few cakes, but yes, more practice is a must! I am really interested in makeing cupcake cakes! I googled some photos, and I want to be able to dot hat! Wish me luck! :)

Soon I will be back in Germany and will have my own kitchen to begin my baking adventure! Let's see how it goes! :) My vacation here int he US has been absolutely wonderful! My cousin got married, my other cousin came home from Afgahnistan! B got to spend time with her Grandparents and M! It was lovely! And I still have a week left! Hopefully a few more days to see family and friends, after that, not sure when we will be back in the states! Thinking about staying overseas for a while longer! I am loving it over there, minus the family being so far away!

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