Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm back!!!

Well I feel like it has been forever since I left a blog! I'll put a little in about my trip to Minnesota! It was a blast, thats for sure!

I was able to see people I actually know! We had a little get togther at my parents with the family. It was pretty fun! I also spent time hangin out with a bunch of my girls from school and finishing up on school work! (Which I am still doing by the way!) I have to be finished by July 15.

So... Since I have been back... I got into a new routine! I get up right away in the morn and don't putz around! I stay busy all day long which is an improvement but it was what I did in MN.

Tuan and I only have a month left until we are out of this crappy place! Than it is off to Germany! I was lookin it up and it seems wonderful so far! I am ready to leave this hot dry place. And Im definately ready to leave the NASTY scorpians behind! They raided out garage, GROSS!!

This weekend we plan on going through more of our stuff to see what we need and don't need. Than get ready for our little yard sale comin up. Its about time I get rid of all those clothes I don't EVER wear!

Oh yea.. BEST NEWS... Bri is finally walking up a storm! She is growing and changing soo fast!!! Ah its amazing! Well I am missin all my family and friends in MN! Miss u and see in a month!

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