Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally another update...

Well I figure it is about time I write something on here! It has been forever! So alot has gone by since I last wrote. We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a little family. Tuan's turkey and ham turned out wonderful! We invited 2 guys he works with over. One is German and other is Czech. They were too funny. They are in the pictures below! Briahna has growing and learning more and more as usual! Hope she continues to be the smartest baby ever!

Thta is the little bouncer/ball thing Tuan got for Briahna for christmas! She loves it! We are still on the hunt for a kitchen for her! But Tuan is scrooge sometimes so yea, its a bummer ha!

Again, i could not get the pictures to turn the right way! Oh well i guess! I am looking for a new job as a secretary or something along those lines in the hospital. it takes forever, that is for sure! I have been working alot still, but have 2 days off a week which is nice. I am still doing to my fitness class and going to the gym a couple times a week, my instructor told me i need to go 5 times a week to see any change! That is crazy but i am willing to do it! :D I am still taking classes but will be one today after I take my test.
I am so missing home right now, esp during the holidays! It will be my first christmas away from MN! Hopefully I can manage! I sent out christmas cards, if you didn't get one, it means you didn't reply with your address! But don't worry, there is still more so sene me your address! :D Thanks to those who sent us packages in the mail! we love getting them! Um that is all for now, will write something better and more exciting later! Miss and love u! happy holidays!

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Anonymous said...

Ashly; I love your blog, and the pictures are GREAT! Bri is adorable. But she is really missing a hug from her aunt Joy. She told me so.
I am sure you all had a wonderful Christmas. We did, I missed my Terry, but everyone and every thing else was perfect. Tom flew in for dinner and he and Jake are currently playing with Jake's new xbox live-killing everything around. They are so funny, I told them it's time to go, "We are on the last mission, mom". Thank you so much for the smoky and the candy and especially the Christmas card picture I love it all. Jake had burnt the incense a few times already. Now, did you receive anything from us yet? Let me know via email asap. Love and Miss you Joy