Friday, November 21, 2008 shop some more!

So I love shopping!! Who knew huh! I did some Christmas shopping today after work, yay! Can't wait to send them out! :D We also took our own Christmas picture for our Christmas cards, hopefully they come soon! I still need to finish a few things but for the most part, I am almost done!

The last few days/weeks have been quite busy in the Nguyen house! As usual, I am working like a monster, but finally get 2 days off a week and some shorter day shifts. My tips have paid for all my Christmas shopping which is nice! All the rest is going towards our big trip home in March! We are soooo excited!

Anyways, this week we went to a going away party for one of Tuan's coworkers. It was hosted by Germans. It was in a TINY room, and it was filled with all the NATO drivers. They eat raw meat and stinky cheese! ha! Briahna enjoyed it more than I did. Tuan's friends are pretty funny. The one's he talks to are German, Czech, and Norwegion. It is pretty cool to meet people from all over! Next week a few are coming over for Thanksgiving! Tuan is excited to cook a big dinner! Ill help him out...a little :D! What are everyone else's plans? Im sad we can't be there though!

I have one more test for school and I will be done for the semester! And one more class until I graduate with my AAS. It isn't much but it is finally something! I still don't know what to do for my next degree! Hm. I dunno what else to talk about. Nothing to exciting! Oh yea, if you read this, please comment me or e-mail me your address!! Christmas cards are coming!

Briahna is doing wonderfu! She is growing and learning more and more! We bought her a toy slide, she loves it! She is acting like a little mommy. She carries her baby around and covers it, and puts it to nap! I don't know how she learned that, as I never really showed her! She is crawling on everything! Ihave to put all the chairs away and make sure gates are up..otherwise she is on top of the table, couch, or up stairs! :D But i love her! She is learning all of her body partsand saying more and more words! She understands most things in both english and vietnamese. I am learning a lot as well!

Well that is all for now, hope to get on here next week again! Miss and love all of you! Hope you all have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

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InkyAndScrappy said...

Ohhh she is getting so BIG! Fun stuff thou. Glad you are getting off a bit more. I'll try to email you addies later.