Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm baaaacckkkk!!

(this picture is downtown K-town, that ball behind me spins in water. It was pretty cool)

Sorry Sorry Sorry I haven't blogged in forever! I have been a working woman! I am still working 6 nights a week at least!! I love working, but it can get to be too much!! So what has been going on the past few weeks...lets see here...

Tuan, Briahna, and I all were sick for about 4 days straight 2 weeks ago. We are thinking food poison maybe! Briahna still has been sick. I feel so bad for her, and everyone I ask, even the doctors, say that nothing is wrong and to "wait" it out.. for real?! My poor baby can't be sick all the time! She is still miss busy, just not as fast lately!

We took her out for Halloween! she was a little giraff! And the cutest baby out that night. We went a few blocks from our house to where all the British people live. They go ALL out! It was a good time though. (Look at the Pictures). Tuan dressed up as a mexican or something along those lines. It was too funny! Briahna got to pick out her candy, and seriously, she went for the healthy stuff ha!

I have been going to my fitness class on M and W. It is like 30 mins straight of hard core boot camp! I love it though! And Briahna can join me! It is wonderful ha!
I am getting along well with my chili's people. They are fun to hang out with! I have gone to a few German bars. Nothing special, they are tiny and crowded and smoking is allowed in some. Hella stinky! :D I am slowly but surely learning German. It is confusing though! Last night some people were trying to teach me naughty things, but I wasn't really following. everything sounds the same ha!

Today is my day off, so maybe we will go for dinner or something! Or I wouldn't mind laying on the couch all day! ha! The other day I was doing laundry after Tuan had started it, as I was putting the clothes in the dryer I noticed they were covered in little white things. I was like what the heck, so I dug in the washer some mroe and hmmm what do i find? I friggen DIAPER! Seriously, ah it exploded in there and all that little gels were stuck to everything! IT was I had to super wash everything again!

Have you guys been christmas shopping yet? I am starting mine now, esp since I have to send everything home! I need to make sure it gets home in time! I am trying to find good real German gifts for everyone, and fun toys fro Briahna! Any suggestions would be wonderful! :D

Okay so I think that is good for now! I am sure nothing too exciting here! I will try to keep blogging more often! love and miss u all! Oh yea, we are coming home in March!

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InkyAndScrappy said...

Ohhh so sweet. We have a few dozen things for Bri already-- hahaha. (JK only a few small things). For Toys check out - they ship free to APOs and have some fab teaching toys. Any you know we are all chocohalics so just by 10 lbs of chocolate and we will be good. Hugs and is it March yet cause I need to see that Bri, oh and you. Hugs, Jaime