Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can you say..sleepy!!

Seriously, working like this has never made me more tired! Even when I went to basic, I was never this tired. I seriously can siton the couch and be out within 3 minutes! It is horrible! I have trouble staying awake during the day with Miss Briahna. I have to start actually leaving the house in order to stay awake! It is craZY! Below is a picture of Briahna eatin spaghetti!
I am still busy working like a mad woman! I am doing 6 nights a week with one day off. It is okay cuz stressful! I am making more friends at work so that is good! I met this Polish kid who lives here in Germany. He is soo funny cuz of his accent. He was talking about the drink "Sex on the Beach" but with his accent it came out as "Sex on the Bitch." Hillarious! I did have last Thursday off. I took Bri to a play group and met another girl there with a girl Briahna's age. And than Tuan got done early and we went to eat and look a beater car for him. We went to the Mexican Cantina! Love it! And Tuan is getting a little Honda Civic. He is soo excited ha! Below is a pic of Tuan and Bri at the MExican place!
Not to much else is new. Still chuggin along everday! Sorry i haven't called! Been busy and by the time I am done with work I am soo tired to even bother calling! I have been watching the seasons of the it and can't get enough ha! Tomorrow we both have a day off so we are hopefully going to get Tuans little beater and go shopping at H & M. It is pretty popular over here! Yay! so Excited ha! If it is nice, we will prob go to the park or something!

Oh ps. Yesterday in the town near us, a tire shop caugh on fire, it made our whole area smell like burnt rubber and excess fog! The fog here is nooo joke! Last night you couldn't see across an intersection or round-about! IT was crazY! I went out to the Martini bar after work with some co-workers !It was fun, they love to sing Karokee..its not for me so I just watch ha! But yea, thats about it! Miss everyone and hopefully we will still be able to come home soon! Love u all!


InkyAndScrappy said...

take long naps with miss Bri. It helps. Hugs

InkyAndScrappy said...

K I need a Bri fix of some new pics dear!!! If not before Friday I want some halloweeny ones too!
Hugs hun.