Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another busy week...

What can I say, time is flying! In a good and bad way! It seems that time is going by so fast, that yesterday Briahna was 2 months and today she is 15 months. I am blessed with being able to watch her grow into this tiny little being! Amazing! Today I took her to a play group at the KIdzone. She had a blast! They had climbing things and music time. She was more interested in walking/running all over the place and being like the big kids. And it was so sad, she was by her self! i think at that age, that's how they roll! And soon she is going to be one of those big kids! I love her at this age...:D a while longer won't be such a bad thing at this age!

I have been busy working at Chili's. I am getting used to things there and am making some tips! Love it! I work all weekend so hopefully I can make a good amount andwe can continue to save for a trip home! I am sad to think thatwe probably won't be able to afford to come home over Christmas. Maybe one of us, but definatly not both Tuan and I. It is almost $3000 for just 2 seats, meaning Bri would be on our laps. And we can't afford that at the moment! But maybe after the holiday rush. We will see!

I went out the other night with a friend. We went bowling! ha. It was nice to get out away from the house and the husbands/kid for a while. We just hung out and had a few drinks...okay well i did but still! Hopefully we'll be able to do that more often. And maybe Tuan and I will be able to also! He is enjoying work and is going to be very busy with work this month. He is leaving Nov12-Dec 12 for some training. It will be a bummer that he will be gone for Thanksgiving! But as long as he will be home for Christmas, it will be okay!

Well that is all for now I guess...Thanks everyone for the birthday cards I have got in the mail. Love getting snail mail! :D I miss all of you andhope to seeyou soon! Take care and please call if you want, justmessage me if you want my number. It is a state number so no extra charges or anything!

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